AirPods User Guide and Tutorial! (Updated for iOS 12!) Part 4: Daily User tips! And bonus tricks!

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Part 4: AirPods – Daily User tips! And bonus tricks!

Welcome to Part 4 of my updated AirPods user guide and tutorial – Daily User tips! And bonus tricks! In this four part video series I’ll be going over how to setup your AirPods using iOS 12 and sharing everything you need to know about them, including how to use them with all of your various apple devices and showing you how to both use and customize them to meet your needs! So Stay tuned!

“How do I know how much battery is left?”. First, but not the best is the light in the case. When you first open your AirPods the little light in the middle will usually show Green, amber or red. Green means they’re charged, amber means less than one full charge remains and red means there’s usually less than 20% left from what I’ve seen. A better way to check the battery level is through your connected apple device. On your iPhone you can go to the today view, and use the battery widget. If it’s not there you can add the battery widget by scrolling to the bottom of the today view and pressing “edit”. Now scroll down and locate the battery widget, once located press the green plus on the left to add the widget to the today view. While you’re on this screen you can re-arrange the widgets if you like by 3d pressing the lines icon to the right of each line item and dragging the item up or down to match the order they appear in on the today view. Once the battery widget has been added now, every time your AirPods are connected and in use they will appear in the battery widget. You can also check the battery level of your AirPods on your iPad’s today view, and if it’s absent you can add the battery widget the same as you can on your iPhone.

To check the battery level of your AirPods when they’re connected to your apple watch, open control centre and then press the battery option, the AirPods battery status will appear in the bottom quarter of the watch screen!

And finally, to check the AirPods battery level while they’re connected to your mac, click the bluetooth shortcut on the menu bar, the battery levels will appear in the popup pane that also lets you disconnect them!

One of the major complaints most people have about AirPods is the lack of in line remote replacement. The AirPods only have the double tap options, that currently don’t replace the in line remote as well as it could, as you can’t really control the volume with them unless you use Siri, which isn’t always convenient. An alternate workaround for this issue is to use the now playing complication on your apple watch if you have one! You can use this whenever you play music from your iPhone. Using this complication on your apple watch you can do everything the in line remote can do. While the apple watch is not a mission critical device and isn’t required to use AirPods, it really is a nice accessory when you have AirPods or any wireless headphones for that matter!

One other question that I get every so often is where do you double tap on your AirPods. I’ve heard of some people having issues with double tapping their AirPods, they say they double tap them and nothing happens. There was even a time I had a bit of an issue. If you find they don’t respond to you enough when you double trap, I find if you double the tap arch of the pole/antena where they connect to the earphone, that seems to respond every time. If after trying to double tap them there you still have an issue detecting the double tap, try resetting your AirPods, I’ve had that solve the issue as well!

Do you have a new AirPods question I haven’t addressed, if so please feel free to ask in the comments below!

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  1. Jamie

    Thanks for the video but why talk about things you’ve already discussed in previous videos of the series? Maybe you should recommend people to watch part 1 or part 2 for answers to these particular questions. I think I’m going to see something new since it’s part 4 but most of the video is on things from previous videos.

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