ANDROID 10 is Here!

Android 10 has officially released – no more Android Q beta – and we’re diving into the biggest features on our Pixel devices. From dark theme and gestures to privacy controls and smart replies, we’ve got it here!

It’s now available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a XL.

Download Android 10 here:

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49 Replies to “ANDROID 10 is Here!”

  1. I honestly have no god damn idea

    "show notifications silently" Android 7 has that… Dark mode doesn't work on everything, but the right step in the direction. And normal Android messenger already had the open link feature.
    Gestures are good longly needed.
    Privacy settings are great don't want everything on my location.
    All around much improved but not all new

  2. SARiKAiDEN Music

    Right now I own an iPhone SE. I was actually looking at the Pixel 3a, as I am not somebody who is brand loyal and happily jumps between brands, finding enjoyment in using both iOS and Android. However the problem is, I now own an Apple Watch, and because they are iPhone dependent, I am sort of locked for the time being 😐

    Also people always complain about Apple copying Android but those gestures low-key look Identical to the gestures present on the iPhone X

  3. VJ Joseph

    Focus mode is not a new addition to Android as you said. Its been in Android pie called Do Not Disturb and its just renamed to focus mode. Now, the ability to snooze notifications from the notification panel isnt present in android 10 but is still present in android pie and you might have missed on that buddy. Digital wellbeing and dark mode both of them are features present in android pie. The only change is the play store security updates directly from Google that isn't present in android pie. Other than that no major changes as you described.

  4. olo k

    wszystko ok.tylko po aktualizacji s10e (3szt) we wszystkich aparat to jakis zart brak ostrosci wszystko za mgła migotanie ekranu mam zjecia przed i po aktualizacji.sprawa zgłoszona do samsung members i maja zgloszenia o tym problemie.wiec nie instalujcie.fajnie ze nam badziewie daja

  5. L

    Wow, Google really has run out of ideas and momentum, the last two major versions have really just been minor tweaks in the way things interact. Someone needs to be a bit more radical because in reality it's just more of a pain to use.

  6. daniel cano

    dont upgrade dO NOOOOTTT DO IT it will mess up your battery no matter what pixel version you have i was getting 7 hours or more on sot now only 2 to 3 hours i aint the only one going tru this thousands of people are just trust me dont dont it.

  7. Sohrab

    I never liked Android mainly because of its tedious navigation gestures. But after looking at Android 10 iPhone X type navigation gestures, I think I will get used to Android in no time, now.

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