Android 10 Review: This is Android in 2020! [Android Q]

Google has launched the new version of Android for 2020 and beyond! Android 10 is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s one of those updates that changes a few small things for the better, and elevates the polish of what was already a mature and reliable mobile OS. Here’s what’s new!

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31 Replies to “Android 10 Review: This is Android in 2020! [Android Q]”

  1. Alex Torres

    Android is no longer supporting copy paste photos…they didn't even tell users when requesting to install the upgrade that blocked this feature for such an important is even blocking and locking any blog and comment in the internet raising this concern….sort of acting like a censorship….time to really think about migrating to iphone???

  2. enterprise59

    Android 10 sucks! They felt the need to take away the color ring around my digital clock, which happened to tell me how much battery charge was left, not I can't tell unless I dig into the damn phone!

  3. Alain Koningverdraag

    Annoying editing. Why show the back of the phone so much? The video is titled "Android 10 Review", so why do you show some dude's hands holding a phone from the back (behind the display), or doing something on the display… but again from the back… Put some more thought into the views used in edits; this is not to the point, this is amateurish.

  4. Boss Status

    Android 10 has made everything we are familiar with worse! Split screen is harder to use, pop up window as well, videos don't continue to play when you tap multi window, the pip can't be swiped out like before. Good lock no longer works. So upset with this update and how they are gradually becoming closer to iOS. If I wanted an iPhone I would get one why turn Android into that? Smh

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