Android 11 Vs Android 10


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Android 11 was just released as a developer beta! So here’s how it quickly compares to Android 10!

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24 Replies to “Android 11 Vs Android 10”

  1. Dlive X

    Now soon we will go on android 12 I heard it will be a big change a lot smoother and faster loading time and the apps will do something new like always.

  2. Paulie Vee

    Who are you simplealpaca? We never see your face! And you need more subscribes! I'll help on my FB,,,but show yourself and get out there you're the most interesting person in YouTube!

  3. Noah Jones

    I have to say, as Google’s software design gets more and more bland and less unique (IMO), I miss the simple and unpretentious design of KitKat more and more. I especially hate the over use of white space and how their apps use a bottom tool bar AND a hamburger menu

  4. AEP-World

    At the end of the day, you're an iPhone user who is moaning about the Android UI looking the same since Android 5.0 at the end of the day it's fair enough you moaning about iOS which hasn't changed since 2012 (though I like that too!) but Android which has only stayed the same since late 2014 'at the very most' has quite frankly got nothing to do with someone who spends most of his time talking about iPhones on his YouTube channel. I bet you've not used an Android-based phone as your daily driver in years.

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