Android 17 Breakdown — Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips & Tricks

Breaking down Android 17 in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Gameplay, specials, supers, moveset, everything.
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Voiced by Luis “Globku” Martins
Edited by Gilberto “EienRinnegan” Dias
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple

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40 Replies to “Android 17 Breakdown — Dragon Ball FighterZ Tips & Tricks”

  1. Who, me? B?

    I’d just like to say Globku’s explanations and breakdowns are absolutely flawless and so helpful! You make DBZ Fighterz a lot more fun to play if you want to be competitive (which is everyone)

  2. Yorri Amo

    So Cooler can go through supers but 17 can’t? I mean I know it’s all based on the anime but that’s bullshit if he’s got a barrier

  3. Zethor

    Quick note; 17's barrier energy blast move (the move his assist is based off of) can actually be followed up midscreen meterlessly. If you immediately cancel into his 214S, you can sneak in a jumping attack on the way down and it'll link.

  4. SPNGY_Demigod

    so, Cooler is just a watered down Cell, and 17 is basically Majin Buu (Fat one) if Majin Buu could mix up all day any day at any time. man, they went all out for the last 2 dlc character's, huh? i can see pros picking up Cooler and trying out… COOL things (not sorry), as well as 17 for some more of that NASTY shit. lookin forward to all of that. not gonna lie.

  5. Stormz Gamer

    These breakdowns came out really fast, great!
    Just a heads up, 17 has a special animation when he KOs his opponent with 'End Game'
    1:08 Also he can actually shoot multiple ki blasts in the air if U hold the S button.

  6. Cloperella

    I think it's kind of unfair that 17's air lv 1 doesn't go through super attacks. I mean, in real competitive play, the odds of someone throwing out a raw super are going to be rare (maybe the lv 3 gambits on wake up or during blockstring gaps), so it's not like giving him that property is going to make him instantly OP or something. Besides, we already have Bardock's Saiyan Spirit that can go through anything, and he doesn't even have a barrier: it's just a fierce right hook, that's it, but he gets to be invincible? Bardock is already privileged enough in this game, why does he get an invincible ground AND air lv 1 when 17's air only level 1 that has a barrier doesn't get that invincibility?

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