Android 5.0 Lollipop VS iOS 8 – iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S5 Comparison

Comprehensive Review of iOS 8 VS Android 5.0 Lollipop. iOS 8.1.3 vs Android L 5.0 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 Plus. Pros and Cons of each software and how they compare.

iPhone 6 VS S5 Hardware Comparison:

46 Replies to “Android 5.0 Lollipop VS iOS 8 – iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S5 Comparison”

  1. King Emme1

    Well Android is becoming Beter Wut still for us the busy on the run people android is still unstable and bad, i work us a flight attendant for example and the Minority of my Colleges Suffer due to aims app Crashs plus a small inside the cockpit has always an iPad with him not a Tablet? no hate though just saying

  2. Nate Sharma

    imo android is better. IOS is more popular because of its look and the amount of apps it has however android is more technical, customizable, and fasster whihc is what I like.

  3. Stuucky

    Rarely do Android apps not work with high end phones. Maybe if you buy a $200 or less low end phone you'll run into that problem.

  4. Laura Jane

    I don't know which phone I want ? there are pros and cons to both phones. Idk which one I would like better, can someone tell me there opinion?

  5. Andrea Bill

    You really shouldn't say "on Android" or "with Android" when you are comparing iOS with Samsungs TouchWiz… There is a huge difference between stock Android and TouchWiz.. The split screeb feature for example is not available on all Android devices, it's not even available on all Samsung devices. Next time you make an OS comparison video you should really use a Nexus device. Or rename the current video…

  6. Space Horse

    I hate iPhone it feels like i wasted money for a device with functions that can easily compare to androids for under 300 bucks. If i tell you i bought a 100 dollar LG phone and i liked it better than iPhone 6 would you believe me? Because i seriously thought the LG was better. Can already feel the opposition in the air. Btw Android has better range on that Wi-Fi connect if nobody noticed that. Seeing people holding iPhone really makes me wonder how Apple managed to brainwash all these people to buying these pieces of garbage. I always ask people what they like about the iPhone and all they say is "i like the design" every single time. I regret every penny wasted on this iPhone 6 Plus thinking it will be something special but it's just bigger. Nothing about the iPhone changed all they did was put in useless shet like Siri. The new ios only changed the appearance and it's really disappointing that nothing about the system changed. I literally can't put it into words whenever i put an iPhone in my hands i feel like i could've been holding 800 dollars instead and it always hurts no matter where i go because the moment i bought this thing I've already lost to apple. Androids get better with each update and it's a fact plus it's not overpriced way more than it should be.

  7. Galehad

    both android and i phone are really behind PCs and Console and this will most likely last for 10 years before they catch up didnt really expect this video to turn into phone wars but i guess there will always be a fight between 2 similar products what i like about both is android is not that pricy and iphones can bent like coca cola cans to id still prefer PC over anything because my hands get still on the phone still good for masturbating tho

  8. Tabioka Bone

    I agree that at first like 5 years ago android was slow and small but at least it wasn't that expensive.. back then I really also wanted an iphone but look now apple is having every year a new smartphone simple to samsung but.. please be honest the android mobiles were bad but now they are absolutly amazing you can get the samsung galaxy s 3 neo for 150 euros an iphone 4s still cost over 400 $. First apple was much better and I can understand that people hated samsung back then but look how AMAZING samsung has improved. Iphones improve of course too but they are unstable and too expensive. the android mobiles get every update and are way cheeper but that doesn't make them worse in contrast they improved way more then the apple mobiles, they are stable they are easier to work with they are every cent worth and you don't pay for an bitten apple on the back of the phone and ILOVEANDROID <3

  9. MrTmbjr

    I don't know if it's just the fact that i've always used iOS, but I just can't stand the look of android just seems overcomplicated and ugly to me

  10. kailyn

    Why is everyone arguing about 2 phones? They are both unique in their different ways, I have an iPhone, but I still really appreciate Android.

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