Android 8.0 Oreo overview – Everything you need to know!

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When will you get the Android Oreo update?

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Watch as we round up the first official release of Android 8.0 Oreo! It has a bunch of new features, some revamped features, and more awesome stuff!

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43 Replies to “Android 8.0 Oreo overview – Everything you need to know!”

  1. Joseph Hindy

    Thank you for watching everyone! Don't forget to share if you enjoyed it! If you have any questions, just ask, I'm around here somewhere paying attention!

  2. Adrian Lee

    Just one thing, why now no way to relocate download location to ext SDCard, even through they support ext SDCard? I buy a 64GB sdcard but found out that it is not supported…my other older phone with older Android has no issue for app to change download location but Oreo CANNOT…so what's the point of all these update for?

  3. Hi-Fi Insider

    first time Android user, v8.0 doesn't have BT devices battery life display. Logical to have but missing WTF. Android has too much customization makes it complicated for new users and some settings don't have a "cancel" button. Google needs to be more detailed. The KB sucks too compared to iOS.

  4. Piotr G

    If you want it (picture to picture) to work on YouTube you have to go through google chrome then youtube in comute version and full screen your movie then press home button and it wil work 😀

  5. Caleb Alfaro

    Oh my God….. When I saw the adaptive icons I went to my settings only to see a YouTube with Dow paying the video and you talking about the new feature… That was on point haha

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