Android 9.0 is Android Pie! Best Feature Rundown!

Android 9.0 is officially Android Pie! Google unveiled the new version today for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. You can download and install the big update now, including on your Essential Phone.

What are the best Android Pie features? This video should give you a good idea.

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50 Replies to “Android 9.0 is Android Pie! Best Feature Rundown!”

  1. Joel vargas

    Help!! I updated to pie and i was able to toggle the setting "full screen gesture" 5 minutes later that option dissapeared. I went back to the navigation bar and the full screen option is complety missing ..any ideas?

  2. PuppyGumDrop !

    Ruined My Phone ~ I Despise My Note 8 Now ~ Bixby Now Off Due To The Hideous New Voice ~ I Cannot Find One Positive Thing To Say About The Complete Overhaul ~ This Is A Further Step Towards Dumbing Down Society ~ My Phone Is Now An Embarrassingly Complicated Toy Obviously Design By The Mind Of A Child ~

  3. Valerie Coupland

    Watched the whole video – thanks for the info. However, an awful lot of it seems to only apply if you have a Pixel phone. A great deal of the settings do not apply to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Good info though.

  4. Peter Fitzpatrick

    Pie has removed call recording app functionality… ?
    Also… creating a slideshow from gallery is gone, you can create a slideshow but its a pain in the ass now… ?
    Camera in S10 Pro settings reduced… ?
    Bluetooth tethering which used to be easy is now buried deeper into the settings… ?
    I see no real benefit to Pie…

  5. Lubek Fronc

    At 8:35 you pointed out that you have to swipe twice to reveal the setting icon. What do I do if i have it set for swiping ones, but I want it to be set for 2 swipes?

    PS: Liquid Remix ROM

  6. Daniel Holiday

    Anyone know how to podcast after the screen shuts off? If I can fix this, Ill upgrade to pie from Oreo. Running US Verizon Note 9. I podcast radio at work using Oreo currently, works perfectly. But when I loaded an update of Pie, I lose podcast when I touch power button, to turn off screen. Thank you!

  7. battousaicrescent

    the appswitcher used to be stacked and easy to maneuver and eliminate tasks you didn't need by swiping left and right
    battery drain is at an all-time high for minimal usage that would drain 20% over EIGHT HOURS, not two.
    they screwed up camera and gallery settings
    messages are fucked up again
    the new bubble form icons for everything are garbage
    I ultimately hate this update, and whoever designed it should go back to design school.

  8. Danielle het Kaasje

    After the update I was quickly disappointed because all the good features seem to be gone and it just started to feel like I was using a phone designed for children. I never used an IPhone before, but now that I hear people say it's starting to look like one, I'm not surprised.

  9. ConnorTQ

    I have an S9 and I can't copy text from a different card, I'm assuming this is common and I probably need to change something for it to work, anyone?

  10. Dwain C

    Does anyone know how to stop the notifications from popping up on the screen while…say playing a game, watching YouTube, etc? Before the update, when any of my apps, games, videos, etc where on full screen mode, the notifications would not pop up but would be in the background and I would see it when I close the window/app that I was using. Even the Do not disturb does not stop the alerts from popping up on the screen but would mute the sound. Another example is…I am playing a game in full screen and my text messages would pop up while I am playing. It never used to do this before the update.

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