Android 9.0 Pie – BEST New Features! | The Tech Chap

Google Android 9.0 Pie is now available to download! Tom The Tech Chap looks at the Best new features of Android Pie to find out if it’s really a big upgrade? — Buy Pixel 2 XL US: | UK:

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37 Replies to “Android 9.0 Pie – BEST New Features! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Abo thh

    The new update for Android devices (9.0 pie) has many problems, the most important is that it drains the phone battery more than the previous update
    And also in many times the screen loses the sensitivity of touch in certain places of the screen and does not work until I restart the phone and also became the phone more hot than before, especially when I put it on the shipment with sure of the point of electricity well (my phone is Samsung Galaxy S9+)

  2. Harsh Londhekar

    OnePlus gesture feel laggy when we use the recent apps menu in Android pie. If we choose single home button option like the pixel it is much smoother on OnePlus device.

  3. valiant rose

    hey buddy , forget that my english, just wanna to ask if you can give some solution for my zenfone plus 4 ( i think just same to others android that 8.1 maybe ) its about to make external sd becomes internal. using ADB and pretty successfull . in systems that its state my storage was 54% means good. before its was 29% like that coz 30gb internal . and now its was include sd so 54%. BUT .. still cant move the app to sd, or download aps as a game coz in google play just shown 900mb left , if i download things as a game WOTblizt, its state error 910 after done downloaded so cant install.
    here if you could help with command scrips ADBs etc to make downloading app installed to sd or something like that. or any scrips that move the apps to sd .
    Thank you . God blast you, eh sorry , may god bless you buddy

  4. Uchiha Madara

    This version of Android is not original.. I'm really disappointed.. Google is losing it.. just like they made fun of Apple for their notch then afterwards went ahead to make the Google pixel 3 with a big ugly notch

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