Android 9 Pie: 10 Features, Changes, and a Fix!

Android 9 Pie is now out for Pixel devices and devices that support Treble, but maybe you don’t have a Treble enabled device or will get the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL soon and want to know what to expect. Here’s 10 Features, Changes, and a Fix for Android Pie.

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34 Replies to “Android 9 Pie: 10 Features, Changes, and a Fix!”

  1. Obi Dark

    9 just sux. Simple stuff like app settings shortcut is gone. There is nothing new but less features and im not sure how this guy made entire video about nothing. Only useful option in 9 for me is being able to remove battery low pop up without root.

  2. glenby2u

    disappointed with android pie.
    if you dont keep picking up your phone notifications stop.
    so, if you are waiting for an email, you dont get told about it and have to pick up and wake up the phone.
    requiring digital well being to use basic features is annoying.
    The increasing creepiness of ui and google watching and recording everything you do is abhorrent.

  3. jaika019

    ugghhh this android pie makes me want to switch to iphone… this update is such a downgrade and i hate the icons i wish i can downgrade my software back to oreo

  4. Crister Lawrence

    Hyee . I wanna ask something . Im using note 9 right now and its update to pie already and how to remove notifiaction on samsung music I mean when i change to the next song the notifiaction is always sound . How to remove it

  5. Barry Shulman

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 .The ui pie is a useless app . The original way when I got the 9 this past September. Ui pie sucks .They made texting complicated

  6. Kimberlin S

    I don't have several of these features including digital well being and adaptive battery.. I just downloaded pie (accidentally) and I'm wondering why I don't have all of these features..

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