Android 9 Pie Review: Best features in the latest update! [Android P]

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Android Pie is a big, beefy update that changes and improves a lot of things. There’s the obvious, user-facing, UI-paradigm-shifting stuff. There’s stuff under the hood to help you use your phone less, and make it last longer when you do. New emoji, *of course*. Improvements to biometrics and indoor navigation. And a whole lot of little things that, if you’re a phone nerd like me, you’ll appreciate when your device gets the update. Let’s take a deep dive into Android 9.0 Pie!

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27 Replies to “Android 9 Pie Review: Best features in the latest update! [Android P]”

  1. hush brous

    This new update has really messed up my camera for my Galaxy S9 plus! I use to be able to video record and I can also snap a picture with the volume key which I use very often. Now this cannot be done. Hitting the volume key only stops to video from recording or starts the video. And there is no way to set it back the way it used to be. That really sucks! The original camera settings were so much better!

  2. AmbSwizag

    4 years of solid downgrades to android, one after another. Let me put it this way, I learned don't expect anything good to come out of google anymore. Expect nothing but lies and false promises.

  3. Uchiha Madara

    I hate NOTCHES it can't be the future when the actual company that invented them are facing a significant crisis in sales and close to downfall.. so in other words, there might be no future for then in late 2019

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