Android and Android Studio: Getting Started

Learn how to get started with Android and Android Studio in this short tutorial. It demontrates how to install Android Studio (Google’s official Android IDE) and create your first Android app. You’ll learn how to download the Java SDK, download and install Android Studio, create a new “Hello World” project, and run your app on an emulator and real Android device.

You’ll also learn a series of Protips from an Android app startup as they go through the process of developing their app in a highly stressful environment. With over 1 billion Android devices already activated, Android represents an incredible opportunity for developers. Installing Android Studio is your first step!

Download the Java Development Kit:
Download Android Studio:
Android USB Drivers for Windows:

Once you’ve installed Android Studio, learn more about developing Android Apps using these resources:
Android Developer Documentation:
Developing Android Apps Udacity Online Training:
Android Design for Developers Udacity Online Training:

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40 Replies to “Android and Android Studio: Getting Started”

  1. Majd M

    HELP ME!!! guys instead of "start a new Android Studio project" I have "+ create new project"
    Instead of "open an existing Android Studio project" there is "import project"!! I can't start a project because when I click on "+ create new project" it opens a new project window where I have to choose one between Java, Gradle, Groovy, Static Web, Kotlin, and Empty project. please HELP.
    I have version 3.3 Android Studio

  2. Asylzat Azaev

    The man is a genius, he was able to put in 10 min video, the only installation process, if you would create an app, sure it would take a whole life, cool bro

  3. Vishal ICT

    Dear sir,

    Your video is awesome…

    I have a question for you, actually i wanna ask you that i making an application which shows like youtube results from youtube api v3, now i want to convert it to mp3 from that youtube link from using other website api….

    Is it legal in playstore or meet the terms of condition of youtube??

    Because as per their condition im not playing youtube videos in backgroud or not providing any download youtube videos facility…

    This is my question, i hope you will giv my answer..

    Looking for your positive response…

  4. 28SongTube28

    Solution to error: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration
    Watch the video

    If it doesn't help, go to the comment of Tricky Boy and read the Answer of *fresh*:
    I solved it:
    1. Remove it
    2. Restart computer
    3. Open the BIOS (pressing the "delete" key)
    4. Search for Virtualization Technology (VT) and ENABLE IT
    5. Restart the computer
    6. Reinstall

  5. Ken Green

    The requirement for the JDK is very confusing. On the Android Studio official page, it says the lastest OpenJDK is included in the Android Studio and is the one recommended. But a lot of tutorials including this one say you should download and install the Oracle JDK like in the old times. So, should I download the Oracle JDK and use that one, or should I use the openJDK that comes with Android Studio?

  6. Vivek Vinayak

    Hey, i am doing as you have stated. But when i click the "Design" column, it says- "Design editor is unavailable until a successful build". I don't know how to fix that. Please help.

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