Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay | TestDrive Showdown

We’re taking iOS 11 and Android Nougat 7.0 to see how Apple CarPlay & Android Auto work in the real world. Read our full review:

For our Showdown on Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay we are using a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Premier, a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Android 7.0, and an Apple iPhone 5S with iOS 11.0. We will test each system on several key points:

– Music, and streaming services
– Maps, features, and quality of map data
– Navigation functionality and accuracy
– Hands-free communication, sending and receiving text messages.

This is the most comprehensive video we’ve produced covering all the important features and differences with Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Each device represents the average smartphones being used by consumers today, and as such we feel this provides the best real-world indication of each system.

Also since iOS 11 was released last week this is a great opportunity to see how this recent update works.

TestDrive is proudly produced in Acton, Québec, Canada.

33 Replies to “Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay | TestDrive Showdown”

  1. Kim Youpi

    thank u for your review. i have android auto (samsung s6) . I just bought a new subaru forester. everything seems to work fine with A.A. However, the navigation get stuck on the 1st initial screen. that's it. it does not give me step by step or turn by turn directions after that. I looks like it freezes @ the initial screen. Why is that? Please help me fix it. thanks a million. it's so frustrating.

  2. PRN_tech

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  3. Pratik

    Its been 6 months since I am using Android Auto. It never had this internet issues and messaging issues. This guy doesn't know hiw to operate it lol.

  4. Dominique Hebert

    I bought a dirt cheap head unit 8 inch display and it's android. I got it on Amazon, but I had the local pros to install it and the backup camera. I wasn't expecting too much from it though. I've had it in my truck for about a year now and it was ridiculously customizable. I installed the graphics package software and a Ford startup screen graphic. The guys who installed it did an awesome job fitting it and it looks stock to the untrained eye. I saved about 1000 bucks and couldn't be happier with the results. I know this is a rare situation, and I got lucky too, but it goes to show that sometimes we get too hung up on brand names.

  5. Ted Boggs

    There are a lot of app options for CarPlay, including Google Play. Not saying it is better than Android Auto, but I think you made it seem like CarPlay was more limited than it is. Otherwise, great video. Very informative and entertaining.

  6. Xilefian

    "Do you want to 'send it' or 'change it'?"
    "… When you're ready to keep going just say if you want to 'send' or 'change' this message."

  7. denziiey

    You're wrong about being able to use your phone during android auto. You can use the recent tab to close AA and use your phone regularly. AA has more apps and Google maps kills Apple poop maps. The Google assistant gets on my nerves too when messaging but not due to connection. Sometimes she can't fucking understand me XD. I still prefer it and with my Note 8 it runs so fluid

  8. Darren Krusi

    When you do more modern cars, you should see do a short blurb on the state of Android Auto and Apple Carplay and their usability in that car. I can't believe Apple didn't include pinch to zoom for the navigation.

  9. Antoine Pageau

    Siri frustrates me to no end and the robotic nature to the voice is unpleasant. Also Apple Map is light years behind Waze or Google Map. I'm always on the edge of leaving Apple. The 7 without a headphone jack was the before last straw. The 10 without a thumb reader is the last straw. Innovation just or the sake of being different is wrong.

  10. Hellknight999

    Wow, I always wanted to install an aftermarket Apple CarPlay Headunit in my car, but without the possibility to use spotify and google maps, thats a no no.
    Really strange, how CarPlay just looks a lot more clunky and unusable.

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