Android Bottom App Bar + Floating Action Button | Material Design Components | Android Studio

Android Bottom App Bar + Floating Action Button | UI Design | Android Studio

In this tutorial we will use android bottom app bar with floating action button, also we will explore some attributes of bottom app bar.

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30 Replies to “Android Bottom App Bar + Floating Action Button | Material Design Components | Android Studio”

  1. Léo Lima

    Professor, I just like to watch JAVA class, there are few channels that have tutorials like yours, people make me sad, they only make Kotlin videos,

    What difference is this?

  2. marilainen

    Thank you Chirag. Great job. You explain so nicely, and the code is no nicely visible in the video, it is amazing! I applied your approach on a brand new app, it worked fine. Then I applied to my project which is almost ready to go to production, and it works great! Thank you very much! Thanks to you I can make my dream come true. Keep up great job, brother!

  3. Sneha Neupane

    Thanks Chirag, this worked like a charm! I also wanted to add text below the icons in the bottomAppBar. Is there a way I could do this? It would be a much appreciated help.

  4. Tourisme Adrar

    thank u so much
    but the bottomappbar doesn't work for me because i have project has an AppTheme with AppCompat so that's why i must add a style AppTheme2 which has MaterialCompenents as a Parent … so i see the design of BottomAppBar in xml file but when i run the project i didn't find it so if u can tell me how can i solve it ?


    Hi, i am using the same components and theme, but i have a problem: I have a 5 icons (items) and i always have to show it (not ifRoom) and i have to put the icons in the center with respective space inline(margin), How would you do that, please, help me, I try to put the padding and margin in the theme style and the components, but is not a good result

  6. Elmer García Huaman

    Muy buen tutorial, Pero tengo una apreciación me gustaría que lo insieras para todas las opciones del menu, en el momento que hacemos clic encima de una opción se haga lo que isiste y en la opcion que estuvo cliqueado se vuelva a la normalidad.

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