Android Device Manager – Find Your Phone Free Service

Here is Android Device Manager, a new Google service for locating your android phone. I show how it works in this video. You can also remote reset phone, it’s a totally free service. I hope this helps and like the video.
Here is a link to Android Device Manager site:

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  1. JeffTheHokie

    When my phone was stolen as part of an armed robbery, google would not allow me to find my phone from the police station computer. Google did not recognize that computer as being associated with my account. To be able to use that feature from that computer, I would have had to accept a text from google (on my phone which the bad guys had). I eventually tracked my phone from my home computer and the police picked it up, but by that time the bad guys had already tossed it into a lawn. If google had different security, the robbers might have been caught.

  2. Never Again

    it doesnt work for me, the application in my galaxy s4 shows where my phone is but the website doesnt, i live in greece, u think thats the reason?

  3. a4nyc2003

    P.S.  When I tablet was turned on, it would automatically update my gmail but since the tablet was lost, I changed the passwords so that it wont automatically update the phone to gmail.  Will this situation prevent the phone from being tracked?  

  4. a4nyc2003

    Hello Marc, I really need your advice. My samsung galaxy tablet was stolen and I am not sure if I set up this android device manager (ADM).  Does the ADM automatically set up by default?  I have tried to locate the tablet on the google ADM map but the message always says "Location Unavailable."  I imagine that the tablet is not located because it is not connected to the internet.  Will I be able to locate the tablet when it is connected to the internet, right?  Please offer some advice.  Bro, it felt so sad to see that my tablet was stolen.  

  5. Glenn Bloke

    Yeah a great idea, at last, but as someone else has said, the big foot with this is that the settings need to be pin protected in order to change the settings otherwise the thief with just turn this off.
    Google…come on her onto it and push our another update with pin protection.

  6. jasonffx01

    which setting from location need to turn on so that we can detact the device?
    for htc one we have:
    google location service
    gps satellites
    location and google search
    compass warning

  7. David Glass

    Hey Mac, when you use ps vita browser press the square botton. You will see a arrow on the browser. I find out on the Japanese playstation youtube channel.

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