Android Device Manager remote wipe hands-on

Jerry has a look at the remote wipe feature of the new Android Device Manager. More:

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  1. PK

    I lost my phone, and I tried to erase it using Android Device Manager. I already received a confirmation e-mail about the pending erase. However, I remembered that I have a lock screen app that can take a picture of the person who has my phone, so I wanted to cancel it. Is there a way to do this? I have a Samsung device, through my Samsung account, I did the same thing and I was able to revert the wipe option. I'm hoping I can do the same with the Android Device Manager. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Deepak Singh

    I lost my phone in a auto rikshaw (small three wheel taxi in india) and since there was little chance of finding it again, i tried to erase my phone, using android manager from the web and I though the phone stopped responding but it was back on location tracking again after few minutes and a message sent to my whatsapp on that device was also delivered (but not seen). The battery probably died a little while after (as it was already low) while i was trying to remote install android lost. I did not receive any confirmation email in my primary gmail account, which I used to see location history and run android manager from the web. Is there a way, I can find out whether the device (and most importantly SD card) was wiped or not? The device was LG-D410 and this happened on 8 feb 2015.

  3. Yuze86

    Google is becoming fucking retarded! Why can't they prompt for password before doing an erase! Anyone can come to your pc and do it. Like if it wasnt enough with the passwords stored in chrome being visible….

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