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  1. John lee

    Android Device Manager is a great native tool in Android. It helps to locate your lost or stolen Android device and remotely wipe all the data from it. However, you need to set up a Google account on your Android smartphone to use it. You can use any internet-connected device to track your android phone or to wipe the data.

    But, Android Device Manager doesn't work for all. Many people can face issues in unlocking their Android phones with Android Device Manager( https://one.comodo.com/android-device-manager.php ). Alternatively, you can use Comodo Android Device Manager which has features like customization of passcodes, remote locking capability, alerts for lost devices, clean-wipe features to prevent data loss due to theft.

  2. Steve Rogers

    Generally a Android device is always packed up with many exciting features and one such feature is Android Device Manager

    1. It helps in tracking and locating your Android Device and you can also lock your device using a remote system.
    2. The Android Device Manager can make your device ring in full volume even if it is in silent mode.
    3. In case if your phone is stolen you can easily track the location of your device using Android Device Manager.
    4. If suppose you think there is no chance of recovering your device, Android Device manager helps you to wipe all the data's in the phone.

    For doing all this you just need to sign in to your google account linked to your android device.

    Check out the exclusive features of Comodo Android Device Manager here: https://goo.gl/Pg6B5x

  3. Borr Witte

    I've recently found my android device that I locked using the android device manager website. The problem that I have is that the lock keeps popping up every time I unlock my phone and that's very annoying. Do you know how I can get the lock off of my phone?

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