Android L vs. iOS 8 – Review (4K)

New Android L Developer Preview vs. iOS 8 Beta!

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30 Replies to “Android L vs. iOS 8 – Review (4K)”

  1. Swarki

    As if it actually matters, when every company just rips off each others Killer Features, it really just starts to boil down to specs.

  2. Victor Vance

    I know some Apple fans will say some bad things about me but android is actually better than ios. Android is much faster than ios and android has a lot of new features. ios products are expensive and waste of money. i don't see any interesting things in ios, after iphone 3 or 4 they just improved something like : siri, fingerprint lockscreen, blah blah blah… and the main thing is still normal. Anyway, if i have to choose android or ios, i will choose android. Sorry ios.

  3. RagingWafflez

    Ok so I've been an iPhone guy for a while now and for my next upgrade to my phone, I am most likely going to go with android. So I'm really used to the IOS look and feel and I do like it. So could any android users out there give me reasons as to why Android is better or worse than IOS? 

  4. Erik Kerschbaumer

    iOS is so fucking DULL, and the worst thing is you can't even change that a little bit since you can't custimize anything except the wallpaper lol. I get why iPhone users get bored of iOS and switch to android. I can't even imagine the wow-factor they must experience.

  5. Jazzfather

    LOL iphone users are a joke…. will someone tell me what's the difference with the layout on ios8 in comparison to ios1.0 on the 1st gen iphone other than "speed, transparency, color scheme and a few apps and addons" Android has given users all of that plus a different layout over the years which i prefer noting, i wouldn't want to buy a new phone with the software layout that looks like its from the 1st gen model… 

  6. Chris Vaccaro

    Apple created Android. Period. No matter which one YOU personally like better, if you try to claim that Android wasn't heavily… "inspired" by Apple, you're just simply being ignorant of history. Windows too.

  7. David Rotaru

    On Android 4.4 Kit Kat you can close all the apps at once by pressing and holding the multitask soft key, after doing this, above the softkey appears a message that says close all, and you just swaype to that message. I believe the same thing applies to Android L.

  8. Case_PR

    Android L looks really slick and modern. I can't wait to make the switch back to Android and play with these new features. Couple more weeks!

  9. klimon531999

    In my OPINION I think people may like android better because it's more affordable than buying an Iphone. I bought a Sony Xperia SP for $169.00 on ebay. Unlocked no contract. It may be a mid end smartphone but it is more affordable than buying an IPhone.

  10. Dreadzedan

    IOS looks like an lg ui from 2007, messy outdated ugly home screen with a ton of apps and folders all over the place, and the art style is outdated. IOS just isn't progressing, looks the same from its debut

  11. Leo R.

    was actually considering getting the new iphone becuase of the bigger screen and ios 8, but i remember how much better android L is.  Not moving from a nexus device for the next generations!  

  12. Kevin Vega

    Honestly I prefer KitKat the Android L is looking kinda u;gly to me :/ and is more complicated for no reason… It's dumb honestly ;P I am getting the LG G3 but will never run native skinned L cause to me it's ugly

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