Android Lollipop Vs iOS 8 On Air

This hangout is to discuss Android L and iOS 8 as the leading mobile operating system.

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39 Replies to “Android Lollipop Vs iOS 8 On Air”

  1. Vimal Mohan


    After going through so many Android reviews and "blaming iPhone" videos, i came to this conclusion,

    1. In Android, scrolling means scrolling fast–so you are not suppose to read anything on the page..please scroll fast and reach the bottom..and win the race!!

    2. In Android, you go to settings and tap multiple times on the Android version–oooh yeah–here comes the new versions logo–oh wait, tap again, here comes a stupid game!!

    3.In Android, you have 2-3 gb of Ram, but your device really need it..still you boast about it

  2. Ovi Wan Kenobi

    The new device restore or whatever is called in Lollipop is amazing… it restored everything, including Icon Placement on the homescreen on the Nexus 9 from a OnePlus One.

    Now it has exactly the same apps and layout as the phone. It left blank spaces for the dialer and other phone specific apps.

  3. Drizztblades

    Great info, a bit long. As Armando would if your not a nerd you won't watch the whole thing. Next live try to make a time frame maybe an hour. Other than that I hope I find out about the next live show. To watch live and maybe comment.

  4. Richard Lopez

    Come on Armando, just come out and say it, stop hiding it.  YOU HATE IPHONE!!! It's okay to say it.  I'm just happy we are in market where you have a choice to pick your mobile platform of choice.  If you like to tinker & customize, go with android.  If you want a smartphone that is easy to use, one of the best cameras, always get OS updates, stunning design, and best apps. Then go with iOS. 

  5. 79bnice

    Jamaar likes to bash Samsung but if it wasn't for the note their would not be large devices. Also Samsung will load their devices with features and that will make them a force every time. All device has some lag even my wife's iPad lag. What apple like to do is pretend that the lag didn't happen so they bump you to the home screen instead of giving you a sad face icon or some kind of notification.

  6. Zeke Tan

    Jamaar, you handsome creature. I love you! :)))
    Okay, done with my man crushing

    Awesome, hangouts man. I learned a lot and at the same time I wanted to share my thoughts too. Hopefully, I get to join the next one.

    The next android BBQ….. Armando and Jamaar's BBQ.

  7. Anthony C

    Is it me or is the OS just a repository for the apps to sit on. Talking about Froyo like the dark days of Android is like saying Windows 98 was awful compared to Windows 7. In its day it was good in its job. The main features of Android I have always like is it being my phone, my way. Apple want to restrict it so every one of their phones are the same, operate the same and maintain consistency which is fine for the user who don't want to have a device tailored to them and their needs.

  8. Xorok

    Pushbullet is a Continuity-"alternative" for Android. You won't be able to answer telephone calls, but you will get all the notifications from your phone and answer SMS. And you can send/push links, text, photos,etc from your PC to your phone and the other way around, easy and fast. No root needed 🙂

    EDIT: Forgot the "Universal copy & paste"-feature 🙂

  9. Wes Jerentosky

    Rooting better not go away, i love the community and the features it adds, in my opinion rooting should be even easier than it is now…. i want the ability to overclock my device, and add features without a huge amount of work and frustration…. I wish every device came out of the box rooted 😀 but there would be a lot of idiots screwing up their phones 🙁

  10. adir mugrabi

    6:40 talking about Siri. Google didn't have to make anything like it. since Android already had many apps that were more powerful than the first iteration of Siri! and the were a YEAR OLDER!

  11. MRUAV1

    Android doesn't have continuity wow guess you guys never herd of MightyText. With MT I recv calls & text on every device from phone to Computer to laptop no matter if thoes devices run Windows or ios.

  12. Kashban

    One correction : The fee to publish apps on Google play store is $25 in total. There is no yearly charge like for Apple Appstore or the windows phone store.

    Since you also don't require an expensive phone or a Mac, developing for Android is much cheaper than for iOS. 

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