Android No command Fix

If you are trying to boot into recovery mode on Android and you are stuck seeing the No command screen with the Android on its back.This is how you get past it on any phone or Tablet easily.

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  1. Hamza Nechi

    I have a Leagoo M9. My device won't start, gets stuck at starting screen. I'm trying to factory reset it and, as explained in this video, I pressed all the buttons with all the different ways after the "No command" screen appears. Yet, the screen shuts down and goes black instead of going to the restore menu.
    So now my phone is unconscious and I have no idea what to do :/
    Any advice pls?

  2. Laundry Sauce

    Omg you saved me I was trying to factory reset because I forgot my password and felt so frustrated with the no command but it worked for me with power and low volume button

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