Android One: Explained! | The Tech Chap

Android One gives you a stock Android experience (like the Google Pixel) with no bloatware or software skin on top. Android One Phones (e.g. Motorola One & Nokia 7.1) feel faster, are more secure and get updates quicker! Motorola One | Nokia 7.1: | Amazon UK – Motorola One | Nokia 7.1

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20 Replies to “Android One: Explained! | The Tech Chap”

  1. buxz777

    One thing we haven’t seen is a flagship android one phone yet ….. Nokia 9 enters the room …. its a Nokia pixel and 200 pounds cheaper ✌️

  2. Fajar Prasetyo

    The whole concept of Android One is, to reach and engage people that they didn't afford a flagship phone, you can't find Android one on any flagship phone, because Google want it not only "Secure, up-to-date and easy to use", but every one can afford it also.

  3. Olin Olin

    Using my Xiaomi A2lite watching this video, Android one experience is better than all Android phone for I used before, previously I am a Huawei P10 user

  4. Michael Parks

    Like my Moto X4. It's pretty nice. Much better than my previous LG G5, Updates come much faster. We also got my mom a Moto G6 and while not Android one it has similar clean Android OS but isn't up to 9.0 yet though it will be updated and still get security updates every 2 to 3 months.

  5. ìkkí

    Had Xiaomi MiA1 never lagged once in a year , very smooth , automatic updates for 2 years , plays all heavy games with most high graphics setted . Costs 130 $ for 4/64 . Except camera and video stabilization equals iPhone 7 Plus . But has splitted screen , can play Spotify on background over any app . Really good phone, Android you can add ace stream , utorrent etc ans watch any movie or sport game . Really I have now an iPhone SE love it but has to say IOS is a jail for sure compared to this Xiaomi . All iPhone users like me you should also give Android one a try

  6. ìkkí

    Stock android is a Japanese car : very fast no fancy options . Samsung , Xiaomi , Huawei etc add band of options car becomes a fancy slow SUV

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