Android One: Explained!

Here is my look at Google’s Android One programme for the cheap and affordable Android Smartphones. Bringing Pixel software to third party devices.

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43 Replies to “Android One: Explained!”

  1. André

    You forget Nokia was the best built and sold phone out there! And it's coming BACK! STRONG! Hopefully it'll take Apple out of its misery ?

  2. Stefenski

    The manufactures Android version will have features which are missing on stock (Android One) e.g.your Xiaomi A2 lite does not have Scheduled Power On/Off
    A very handy feature for people who like to switch off phone at certain times of day. essential IMO
    So you have to search an app from play to do this which may or may not work properly…
    Something for people to think about when deciding on Android One or not..

  3. Nick Clay

    Question. I am visually impaired and I am thinking about getting a phone with Android One. I caanot find an answer to this. How are the accessibility options? Does it have a zoom feature? Like on my Samsung, I can enable a feature in which I can tap the screen three times and it will zoom in on the screen then I can pinch and zoom to change the zoom level. Is this available in Android One?

  4. Patrick W

    After four iPhones, over ten years (one died prematurely) but with one eye on what Android was doing, I'd venture that Motorola's G Series have a moderately uncluttered Android experience and I've happily converted as a result. I even read a few reviews of these lowly Motorolas from purchasers of high end Samsungs who had swapped, fed up with the bloatware that their £600 purchase had bought them.

  5. Uchiha Madara

    But bro you just bashed Samsung in particular.. seems like you hate Samsung phones ???. It's okay cuz I hate them myself. Watching from my Nokia 7 plus ??

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