44 Replies to “Android One: One Will”

  1. Lily Chu

    Asian actress Lily Chu as the Female Voice Over for this Android One TV Commercial. Produced and aired in the Philippines, South East Asia.

  2. Benson Sta. Ana

    I'm going back to Android One. Truly one of the best budget smartphones ever. Will be waiting for the Cherry Mobile One G1 Android One smartphone at the end of August.

  3. Valar Morghulis

    I love how google is so serious in reaching out to countries like ours where many people can't afford high end smartphones just to get the best out of android. Thanks google. 🙂

  4. Jacob Dongon

    Yes it's a big leap to progress to emerging markets, I just hope that data providers in the Philippines would be able to accommodate such large numbers of people online.

  5. Jason Brody

    Is it worth to buy this cellphone?
    I mean how long can i use this cellphone while playing(non stop playing games )?
    How much it cost?
    Is it better than android? I mean the android were using before this ad comes.
    (Btw pls correct the sentence i made if theres a problem)

  6. Patrick Villanueva

    Hi guys I have this phone 4 days ago. All i can say is, this is so awesome for that kind of price. Wag na masyado mag expect ng sobra sa camera and speaker, remember, this is just 4k php. Camera is ok but not great(hindi sobrang labo hindi sobrang linaw katamtaman lang), speaker is fine but not hq(pero hq sa magandang headset try nyo using app Spotify). Pero pag dating sa speed super smooth nothing to say about it. The most annoying part lang is nag kakaroon ng exclamation mark yung signal icon pag hindi ka naka connect sa google(base on research) kaya mapag kakamalan mong may error yung sim signal mo.

    Phone Speed 9/10
    Camera Front 6/10
    Camera Back 5/10
    Sound Quality 5/10
    Headset Sound Quality 9/10 – depende sa headset actually
    Internet Speed 8/10
    Responsiveness 9/10
    Battery Life 6/10 – 8 hours if you're not playing games and just texting, call, etc.. but good thing is 1 and half hour charging lang needed para ma full battery

    Overall 9/10 for that price

    Yun lng i hope my review helps you decide!

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