Android One – Spice Dream Uno Review!

My review of the Dream Uno from Spice, one of the first Android One phones…

The Spice Dream Uno Mi-498 is powerd by the Mediatek MT6582 Chipset that houses 4 Cortex A7 cores clocked at 1.3Ghz each coupled with a Mali-400 GPU and 1GB RAM.

This Spice Dream Uno has 4GB of internal storage with room for memory expansion upto 32GB via Micro SD

It features a 5MP rear camera capable of shooting Full HD videos & has a 4.5″ IPS display with resolution of 480 by 854 pixels.

This is powered by a 1700mAH battery…
You can order the Spice Dream Uno…

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48 Replies to “Android One – Spice Dream Uno Review!”

  1. Pradeep Kumar

    Awesome review and am one of the happiest owners of this device (using it as a standby though). My quick question to you is what is to be done to get rid of memory issues? Some apps cannot even be updated due to storage problem. I have an SD card inserted as well.

  2. Emmanuel Venasquez

    A lot of people can't understand why this phone lacks almost the expectations we've been expecting especially this Android one is a smart phone, first of all Android one was made especially for those people in a certain country who can't afford to buy a hi – end or mid – end smart phone, second is to have those people less fortunate access on the net, third is the price was guaranteed for those people who have less financial expenses, so what's the point of complaining the brand whom manufactured and it's specs? If people like you complains all the time then buy mid – end nor hi – end smart phone and shut your mouth and stop complaining 'bout the phone….

    Google maximized their budget for this to those less fortunate country who's still doesn't have internet access though the internet already exist in their respective countries but doesn't have any single smart phone device to access the internet…

  3. Rex Graystone

    Mr Ash, one question. Where do you live? Its in south India, I'm sure, cause him from there too. Probably chennai, cause I'm from there too!! But right now I live in Bangalore. On the other hand, you do give pretty good reviews!!

  4. Nitin Rinkesh

    Please "Snapdeal or Flipkart Buyers" of this Spice Dream Uno, tell me the IMEI Number of 15 digits of your phone of both slots(slot 1 & slot 2) as i want to confirm about it's warranty status in my area Punjab because Spice Customer Care executives in Punjab say that " We are not sure that online purchased phone will be in warranty". So they told me to find any Online Buyer's IMEI Number. Mention the Online site also from which the phone is puchased.

    Please somebody help.

  5. Abhishek Thakur

    Hi buddy u do very well.. I appericiate.. Ur videos are helpfull and u leave a very good impression on people .. Iwant to ask u a qustn rwgarding the product .. Do micromax canvas a1 or any android one cansupport sd card of 32 gb- class 10 ? What difference makes class ?

  6. Userme 4532

    i bought this phone it's good but in play store it's not showing my installed apps in "my apps" ….can u plz tell me if this is an issue with mine only or it's in other's too.

  7. Rohith Sukumaran

    I bought spice uno phone last day. Its led notification light glows only when i receive fb or whats app msgs.
    It doesnt glows when i getting messages or miss call….
    Is that a problem???

  8. Jyoti Prakash Panda

    Great review @C4ETech ! I see what you did there with the section titles… 😉
    When you're doing the product close-ups (like when you remove the back cover), keep the DOF deep.. keeps less stuff out of focus and the camera wont hunt for focus when you bring the battery/sim slots closer…

  9. Nonsense Gaming

    C4ETech might be one of the only people with an Indian accent that I don't find annoying at all. Sorry if people consider this racist, I didn't mean it in that way. <3

  10. SIDAK

    Hey buddy, nice video as always! Keep it up man.
    I broke my HTC one V and being low on budget, should I buy this phone? Is it a good replacement? or any other recommendations like Redmi1s [getting it on a flash sale is difficult and it still has not got kitkat] or any other in this price range?

  11. Tony JK

    Damn this is the 1st time I have seen a video of yours and I'm pretty impressed! Definitely the BEST Android One Review up to date. Why aren't you famous already?

  12. jjjonas70

    Great review, Ash! This actually looks like a great phone for kids and maybe more mature people who would like smartphone features but don't want to make a big investment

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