Android One Sucks!

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47 Replies to “Android One Sucks!”

  1. TechUtopia

    Hope this video proves it ALL! I dont think anybody talked about this in this way? which is crazy
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    ➡️Buy Xiaomi Redmi note 6 3GB RAM $163-

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  2. Future Gaming

    I'm currently using my a2 and I didn't face any issue in terms of performance it's super smooth and it's getting faster and stable updates I don't know why you say it sucks??

  3. Deez Byte

    Xiaomi mi A2 with February 2019 update is like pixel 3 lite ….. its truly fast . Since it got android P . Everything is better than 8.1 BUT with February is…. just beautiful

  4. European Confidence

    I know Android One doesn't necessarily get up to date security patches all the time even though they advertise it. And yet so many people think it does, just because it's Android One.

  5. Imran

    Assalamu’alaikum, can i know about the performance for asus zenfone max pro m2 compared to mia2.. is the asus also have ram mangement problem.. thanks

  6. Aheb 2010

    Xiaomi redmi note 5 is budget king. Faster than MI A2 and note 6. Update are not faster. This is only for people who don't have money to buy pixel.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, it's does,
    It's the most unoptimsed and worst OS
    I hate my Nokia 3.1 on Android one,I am about to sell it though I just bought it
    The phone hangs and freeze every time
    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone

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