Android or iOS Which One?

Android or Apple iOS which one you should you go for when selecting your smartphone or tablet. These days we get great hardware both on android and apple devices and I try to explain the differences between them on the software side and also give my personal opinion about the same.

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7

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  1. Manmeet Bhogal

    I like the location of where you talked in this video a LOT more than what you do now. This location was neat and your head wasn't tilted to the camera cause its right in front of you. This format just seems better and I'd encourage you to go back to this style. ­čÖé

  2. Heather Sailes

    I would like to say as someone who is totally blind and an owner of an IPhone 4S which is the only smartphone I've ever had, Apple's screen reader which was preinstalled on the phone has allowed me to operate my phone completely independently in most situations. I understand that Talkback, the screen reader that comes on Droid phones is starting to catch up to Apple's VoiceOver.

  3. Aniket Sen

    I just want to know whether Project butter is just another marketing gimmick or is it really a game changer in providing lag-free fluidic user experience to the android ecosystem ? Is Android JB really that lag-free and coherent ?

  4. Tebogo Michael

    Android is fabulous, I use galaxy s2 and guess wat, I converted it to be a tablet by updating it to the latest jelly bean version and I unbelievably increased it's screen resolution exceedingly, tablet apps run smoothly and fit great on screen, Android can be whateva up want it to be,

  5. fida80

    You should not do comparison videos if you have a preference to certain product.Clearly the presenter is biased towards IOS so his bias is clearly visible.

  6. thebluewriter

    I have nexus 7 (android) the browser is shit and laggy
    Compare to iOS (iPad or iPhone) the only reason I buy android device is to download torrent , accualy with
    Jailbreak in iPhone I can download torrent !

  7. Borb_on_an_Orb

    Why do people call high definition screens RETINA displays???? They're not retina! Don't use that word, its just a horrible marketing term. It could be an IPS screen, or a TFT screen, or an AMOLED screen. But not retina goddamn it!

  8. Tanisha Dee

    I personally think that Apple is too restrictive in their development model and not open to embracing new technologies to incorporate into their phone design. I do agree with you that I usually recommend iPhones for people who want to have an easy to use phone experience and do not want to customize their phone. The old people in my family love their iPhones as they are easy to use right of the box. I like to mod my phone ROM and fully change the look and feel of it. I will stick with Android

  9. Tanisha Dee

    Ranjit, thank you so much for this review. I remember the early smart phone days when I had a Black berry and my friend had the 1st gen. iPhone and I thought the iPhone was wonderful because I had not seen any cell phone OS handle touch screen as well before. I honestly didn't get into the higher end smart phones until recently and I went for Android. I love the ability to customize the phone interface any way that I like and I love that the Android developer model is Open Source.

  10. Zenedarr

    Nexus 10 is prolly best suited for you as it offers the most crisp resolution!
    If you were to go for an iPad IMHO go for iPad 3 not 4.
    iPad mini is a mjor let down due to the lack of retina display.

  11. sabby khurana

    and about topic of this video
    ranjit what about the features these 3rd party manufacturers add
    like real multi tasking? i think its worth considering …
    and i get it u dont like to root but it makes big difference ..u can get stock experience on these 3rd part phones and get updates too..honestly for me what makes android so great is this developing community ..u see so much customization..
    hell i will say to really enjoy android u need to root and install custom roms..

  12. sabby khurana

    about reading well if u use note 10.1 from distance u use cell phone u will see the difference but its 10 inch screen and in practice u will keep it little farther away from eyes i think so i notice no blur and screen has great contrast and colors..
    but yes if u keep it side by side with nexus there will be clear difference ..

    i honestly dont care about screen after jelly bean it allows me to multi task with any app..and trust me u wont get that with any other tablet..


    Hey m a big follower of urs. Can u pls do a video review on how to root an android device and install custom rom? I am using micromax a73 superfone buzz, want to root it cuz it is preloaded wid a lot if unnecessary apps and I want to remove it. Pls.

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