Android Oreo 8.0 Boot Animation Concept

This video has the Android Oreo concept boot animation . I was very excited because i love oreo and i wanted to make this bootanimation for you guys!

Please tell me how you feel about the bootanimation in the comments below!



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30 Replies to “Android Oreo 8.0 Boot Animation Concept”

  1. groovdafied

    Nice job, but here are my issues with it. When the oreos split into four, and start circling each other, it didn't have any flow or purpose to why it would spin in one direction, and then abruptly start spinning in other directions. Plus there's too much kinetic bouncing after the spinning sequence and at the very end. It adds more time to the boot, assuming the phone is actually waiting for the animation to finish before loading the home screen. Don't get me wrong, it's clever, and you did well, it's just not making sense in some of the sequence.

    The default boot animation makes sense, for example. The G turns into the colored dots, and does a leap frog, and then back into the G.

    I would say get rid of the spinning sequence and just go straight from the oreo splitting into four, dunk them and go into logo. Snappy and efficient.

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