Android Oreo – Top 8 Features!

Android Oreo – 8.0 (Oreo) Top Features – Review coming soon! Android O is Google’s latest developer preview. Android 8.0 O packs new features and performance. Check out my Android O top features and hands-on review. ▶Subscribe:

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46 Replies to “Android Oreo – Top 8 Features!”

  1. Drew Hurst

    Agree about settings display layout it's very plain and stark,
    an option to have nighttime reversal colors would be nice
    so it's white on black and not so blinding at night.

  2. Fabian

    Picture in Picture is new? Well, maybe for YouTube, but many Apps have done this already with display overlay. Also, it's a very old feature on some custom Roms

  3. Walker W

    It's really annoying that you use the word "thi" in front of words, who doesn't start with an a,e,i,o,u. For example the smartphone, you say thi smartphone… I often wonder why people do that?… It doesn't sounds right in my ears. My primary language isn't English, but Danish, but it still sounds wrong…

  4. sha dy

    That feeling when you get android N and think you will have the newest android and then you find out that the new android is coming out?

  5. AmbSwizag

    Google is constantly making android more efficient, but not for the user to have a more efficent/powerful/smoother device; They do it to be able to pack more location tracking spyware in your device. Android kitkat is more than twice the power & efficiency than lollipop is in real world efficiency. Every drop of efficiency Google can squeeze out will be used for advancing their location tracking spyware; Not for the user. Kitkat = awesome. lollipop = garbage. marshmellow = garbage. nouget = garbage. I can only assume android O will be garbage too, considering the current trends.

  6. AmbSwizag

    Still got my note 4 running kitkat. All newer versions of android have hundreds of downsides and not a single upside. Unless you consider terrible battery life and upside, lol.

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