Android P vs iOS 12: Apple or Google in 2018?

Android P Beta Review:
Android P and GS9:
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29 Replies to “Android P vs iOS 12: Apple or Google in 2018?”

  1. AddictTone

    Did you inform yourself before you compare?

    Some of this features was already in iOS 10/11 and now in Android Pie..

    Used iOS since 8 years and now use Pie.
    See many Features, that i know since years in iOS

  2. BigBabyJesus

    You Android guys have got to be kidding me. Android on a Samsung is pure garbage! My dad asked me to transfer files from his old Samsung to a Samsung Galaxy S5. Google came up with these suggestions: Syncois, Samsung Smart Switch and Android File Transfer. This is what happened;

    Android File Transfer:
    Didn't even recognized both devices. End of story.

    Apparently it's a paid service but you can sync 5 times as trial. Well, also this did not recognize both devices and keeps spamming ads while I'm just trying to look for the devices. End of story.

    Samsung Smart Switch:
    I expected this one to work smoothly because it's from Samsung but alas. It did recognize the devices though but not both at the same time. So I tried to run a backup of the older phone but during the backup it gives me an error with things that went wrong. Come to find out that it was only able to backup pictures. Thanks alot Samsung! They are Samsung phones, how are you not able to sync your OWN phones? This just blows my mind.

    Don't come at me and call me lazy for not doing more research. It really should not be that difficult just to sync a Smartphone in 2018. I was considering buying a Google Pixel phone but because of this, I can't even take you guys serious anymore.

  3. E Wilkes

    It’s obvious you’re biased and lean towards Android.. no mention about 90% of the apps available on both platforms are way better optimized for iOS and if you feel google assistant is better than Siri..great it’s also available on iOS like most of googles software.. no mention of OS support because Android is a fragmented system, no comparison on the longevity of the OS no mention of exclusive features on iOS such as iMessage FaceTime and the features within those exclusives such as gaming through iMessage or all the new effects of FaceTime/memoji

  4. Dumitrescu Mihai Dan

    I was and never will be again an Android user. But that is my experience only. I prefer stability, security, speed and a perfect ecosystem to a bunch of crappy feats that i see most people crave. Good, each to his own. But, i read in the comments below a whole bunch of crap about ios11 so…got it when it came out. Never had an issue with it. Even now runs smoothly. Ps: another thing that apple has and Google has not ( operating system wise ) : customer care. But i do love the ios10 feel you have in the new android p)))).

  5. computer tutorials12

    People like to say everybody copies Apple, but that's not really the case, if you look at most the features Apple introduced that was a big hit, most if not all of them were done by somebody else first.

    What Apple does is watch all the other phone companies when they come out with innovative tech, most of the time they fail to gain traction, then Apple does the same without making the same mistakes everyone else did, it's a brilliant strategy if you ask me.

  6. Ash

    Android is more versatile but iOS actually pays attention to the little things and that’s what makes the iOS experience way better than android. With iOS each phone feels like a new phone. Android doesn’t do this. Like the latest Samsungs. They have gone full screen anol but all they really did was add virtual buttons at the bottomlike those cheap tables. The iPhones gestures and animations really make the experience worth while and feel unique

  7. DD

    The fact that android o is on less than 10% of phones speakes for itself. Android cant boast about new features when they dont even arrive on older phones. And the pixels are ugly so iphone for me

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