Android Pie (9.0.0) for Xiaomi Mi 3!

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34 Replies to “Android Pie (9.0.0) for Xiaomi Mi 3!”

  1. bokura kyo mo ikiteru

    i'm still using mi3 as primary, hell yea its my only phone..running miui9 android6. 5yrs and still as good as new no scratch no drop. only charged 250times till now. was thinking for flashing to android 9 or 10 maybe. do you have any stable roms to recommend? i saw quite a few but not sure which is stable as they are all buggy.

  2. PizzaKiller

    I have a good news for Xiomi mi 3 users, you guys can play PUBG Mobile on it using GL Tool because it is compatible with OpenGL 3.0 API GPU or above and PUBG Mobile requires OpenGL 3.0 API compatible on GPU not RAM, it's a mythology considered by ignorant Bloggers because many phone which has above 2 GB RAM but can't run PUBG Mobile where a 1.5 GB phone can run it (Samsung Galaxy S5) which has OpenGL 3.0 compatible now keep in mind that PUBG Mobile requires better GPU not RAM, thank me later!

  3. Le Gend

    This shit is fucking classic.. Still rocking with that 2.3 GHz processor… Who else give u this shit under 3700 rupee now.. 😂😂😂 I bought another one for roughly use.
    😴 Pardon ma lang

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