Android Pie First Impressions: What's New?

Android 9 or Android Pie has started rolling out to Google phones and other supported smartphones. Well, we have it installed on our Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and these are our Android Pie first impressions including Digital Wellbeing features, gestures, AI features and more.

How to Get Digital Wellbeing Features on OnePlus 6 or Any Android 9 Pie Device:

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50 Replies to “Android Pie First Impressions: What's New?”

  1. John Nathaniel

    I have a Google Pixel 2 and I am on Oreo (8.1) but have a Pie update available. I checked videos of the update and didn't like it one bit so I turned off automatic updates and update notifications. A small price of security to pay for great stability and features.

  2. Sagar Nayak

    My phone is not charging post Android P update , there is nothing wrong with the stock charger as it works fine on One Plus 6. One Plus 6 chargers works fine with Pixel 2XL but unfortunately my stock charger doesnt work with Pixel2XL #madebygoogle

  3. Govind Kommana

    This is govind
    I want to purchase a Android mobile for ₹ around 35k-40k
    And I need your suggestions what to purchase….
    I am not a much fan of gaming so ignore that
    Please reply to
    I am RELYING on your suggestions….

  4. curiocritters

    Glad I switched to iOS – It may just be me but Android Pie overtly complicates things, for no reason.

    The whole 'Digital Wellbeing' thing feels childish; I don't need my device's OS acting as a nanny.

    And finally, the gesture based navigation is just half-baked.

    Was going to pick up a Pixel 2 as a back up device with the prices dropping and what not, but I think I'll wait until Google gets it's act together over the next couple of iterations of what is essentially a first gen revamp of Android.

    Way to alienate users! If you have ever seen on the fence about making the switch to iOS, now would be a good time!

  5. William Thomas Ramey

    I appreciate the effort to create this video and was excited to learn about new features of Pie I hadn't already discovered. Unfortunately neither my wife nor I could understand most of what the presenter was saying, and usually I don't have a problem understanding people with an accent.

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