Android Q Beta 3 Review: New Gestures, Dark Mode, and Stability!

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20 Replies to “Android Q Beta 3 Review: New Gestures, Dark Mode, and Stability!”

  1. BossBraeden

    In developer options near the bottom there is a setting called "Override force-dark" and once enabled via a slider it forces every app to dark mode. The play store, Instagram, Snapchat, even the Google app itself and if you get Kiwi Chrome you can get a full black mode and even some nifty extentions

  2. Pro_Breakers YT

    All this gestures from Android q will be available for Android version with custom layer? Like miui, oneui and all brands that make their own ui? Or Google will let them not include them in their layers?

  3. Bernard

    I compared the home feature in slow mo on the iPhone and on the Pixel and I must say, the iPhone is much more responsive and faster still and the animation has more frames and is much smoother.

  4. Ian Fordyce

    The swipe up from the corner like the OnePlus 6T to go back is the best way I reckon as my Huawei P30 Pro is swipe across from left or right and when in Gmail you swipe across and move the mail to places you don't want to

  5. Mark Binder

    Also, for gestures, if you swipe diagonally up from the right or left bottom corners and pause (like opening multitasking), or just swipe to the half screen mark, it will launch the Google Assistant. This is needed for devices that don't have Squeeze to Access or a dedicated Google Assistant button. It is a bit quirky right now because you have to start EXACTLY in the corner.

  6. Blacktoothgrin

    I also do prefer gestures as they allow you full screen estate. Do bear in mind its still in beta so nothings set on stone, they can still work on minor shortcomings.

  7. Mark Binder

    If you download the Android Q Beta 3, DO NOT TAP THE "+" NEXT TO THE "Mobile network" IN SETTINGS > NETWORK & INTERNET!!! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SIM CARD!!! This IS a "beta" version, so it will get fixed! I made this mistake and it was a nightmare before I found the simple fix. If you've made this mistake already here is the fix: Open Settings and click the search icon or bar at the top and type "carrier" or "operator" (depending on your language). This brings up a menu where you can choose to use your SIM card or add another carrier. Choose SIM Card and you'll be thrown back into the lock screen to punch in your PIN and hurrah! – your mobile network should be fully functional again. I highly recommend a restart of your phone at this point to properly sync network communications with your system and all apps.

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