Android Q Beta First Look!

WANT MORE ANDROID Q? We’ve compiled a list of other minor changes here:

Android Q dropped today! Well, the Android Q beta arrived as a first build and we took it for a quick spin. The changes aren’t massive here, but the best parts of our year are playing with new versions of Android.

We’ve got Android Q beta up and running on our Pixel 3 XL. You can run this too on your Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, or Pixel 3 as well.

Android Q instructions here:

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32 Replies to “Android Q Beta First Look!”

  1. D K

    The only thing that needed fixing was the one thing they didn't touch. Gesture navigation, I won't update if they force me to use that mess.

  2. Sia

    whats the different between android Q and android 9.0? or is android Q is just an advance of android Oreo? or android Q is the next of android P, but isn't android P just got release?

  3. Felipe Pubillones

    this needs to stop. No new Android version until previous one has reach critical mass. Google can't be bothered to make sure they're product is properly updated and handled. Also, who has issues with toggles? I'm sorry but extra steps to do anything is never better. That permission thing is a step backwards. I really am wishing Windows Phone took off at this point,

  4. Sander169

    They need to change the fucking navbar thing on the bottom. Its just sitting there doing nothing but further covering up the screen for no reason.

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