Android Q hands-on

Google has released the first beta version of its Android Q software update. It’s still very early, but there are some exciting and helpful changes in this initial release. It’s still very early, but Q seems to be headed in the right direction.

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34 Replies to “Android Q hands-on”

  1. yeetingboy

    Switching to Google Pixel 3 not because of I wanna be rich, its because i thought id look cool with iPhone but I like the Google Pixel 3 more so yeah!

  2. Sumanth V S

    Lots of comments here are like "Oh I'm still on Marshmallow or Oreo". Funny how a 800$ Samsung phone user has to wait for a couple of years for the latest update, but a 300$ Android One user(My Xiaomi Redmi A2) gets pie 3 months after it came out.

  3. Deepak Negi

    I have a pixel 2. Why don't we see any developer option? Is it not for pixel 2 devises? Also, why is it that once we take a screen shot it doesn't get shared from our notification dashboard. We have to scroll down then share the same. Just wanted to know if it's normal or not.

  4. Skynet

    Don't know which version my LG phone is using and I don't care. It can make phonecalls, send text and has JewTube, email and Firefox.

  5. Skynet

    Prediction: Android R, S, T and U will optimize the battery usage, move the notification icons around, and introduce more dark modes.

  6. Syed ARAF Hossain

    Hey guys, my pixel 2xl is currently running on Android Q beta1. When I updated to Q my device was in dark mode. Now I can't find the toggle off for dark mode. Turning on and off between battery saver doesn't changes anything.
    Also in Google photos app, there's no options available. Only the pop-ups are there. Any possible fixes for that?

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