Android Screen Mirroring – The Complete Guide!

Learn how to mirror Android to TV, PC and Mac! Complete Android Screen Mirroring tutorial, with everything you need to easily record, livestream or share your Android screen.

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— Android Screen Mirroring (The Complete Guide!) —

Whether you’re looking to mirror Android to PC or Mac for a livestream or demo video, or just share your Android screen to TV to watch your favorite shows on a bigger device, you’re in the right place.

In this complete Android screen mirroring tutorial, we step through exactly how to mirror Android to Mac, PC or TV – fast and easy!

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33 Replies to “Android Screen Mirroring – The Complete Guide!”

  1. Jeanette OneVoice

    Thank you so much, after I don´t know how many added and removed apps and a few hours searching, a couple of minutes into your video and I´ve finally managed to get my phone to show on my projector, thanks again.

  2. Robin Spencer

    With chrome cast, you cannot use the device's data to make a hot-spot for connecting projector? I want to cast from Huawei p20 lite to jmgo explorer that uses android 1.1.13 whats the best option?

  3. A_k_u_t_o__S_a_i

    So i have a moto g7 Play with android 10, and i can CAST from the YOUTUBE app, but when i go to CAST from the Options it says NO DEVICES NEARBY.

    restarting my roku, my phone, my router, my modem doesnt fix it.

    YES the devices can see and communicate because if it can see the device from the YOUTUBE app ut should be able to see the device from the SETTINGS!

    Never ever had issues like this with android 9 and lower

    Any REAL help would be just great.

  4. donna jackson

    You didn't cover how to connect an android to a TV with an Hdmi cable. I've done it with my ipad no problem. Now I want to use my connector cable to connect my phone to my TV not computer while watching YouTube. It doesn't connect

  5. Zoe beautiful nails

    Hi dont no if u can help me is there an app I can download
    When I'm recording my YouTube videos on my phone I want to make sure I'm in shock on my Tablet or laptop is there an app I can download to do this plz thanks zoe

  6. Peter Ledwidge

    Hi Justin I'm having an issue with mirroring prime video. Everything mirrors fine but when I tap to play and it auto rotates I get the audio coming from my tv, video is playing on my phone but not on the tv. Can you help me with this? Thanks


    That's funny. The newer phones should have the option?!?!?! Well my 5g does not. Due to this video being unproductive, I will downvote this and not say awful things, but consider taking it down.

  8. M ob

    It worked for me, but anytime I would try to play a game or something, it would just freeze but the sound will still be there, got any sulutions on how to do this?

  9. Gerben Brands

    Is it possible to mirror my android's phonescreen to (any) e-reader. I have an old e-reader (Tolino Shine1), whicjh runs on Anroid, but doesn't support Play store. Looking around if I should buy a new e-reader (mainly for news and articles, not books!) or another e-ink device.

  10. happiest andlearn

    Your mouth is like a lady when you teach always.. your mouth too much talk.why dont you direct show your tutorial what if someone doesn't not have a wifi and they like to watch your video…do u really think about that???

  11. Wes Brown

    I am looking to use Filmic Pro that’s on my android phone and use my iPad to control the phone while recording for YouTube recording. Is it possible?

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