Android Storage Full? Try these 5 Android Tips – DIY in 5 Ep. 7

Is your Android phone low on storage? We’ll show you a few cool Android tips to quickly free up lots of space for Samsung, LG, and Motorola phone running Android 5.0. We show you how to delete applications, download, use lower resolution photos, and suggest cloud service. There’s a quick way to delete movies, and TV shows they you have already watched. We’ll show you how to install a micro SD card for even more memory.

34 Replies to “Android Storage Full? Try these 5 Android Tips – DIY in 5 Ep. 7”

  1. •taekookie•

    damn my phone was okay with storage when we bought it, but now i only have a few editing apps, and i save my photos to my sd card, but it doesn't make any difference

  2. xxx Wolfie

    I have a huawei when I first got the phone the storage was perfect then it said it was full so I deleted some of the apps and photos and texts when I first got it I had like 7 apps and it wasn't full now I have less images and 2 apps and it's saying my storage is full please help me I. Need to install an editing app but I can't so I can't do nightcore

    If anyone can help please reply ?

  3. wareesha vohra

    Really not helpful… I have infinix hot 4 and also had SD card but after a few months phone storage is full .. Don't know what to do. I want to install apps but I can't install because of phone storage. Help needed???

  4. MusicTherapy

    Trisha, Im trying to delete apps & keep getting messages that app came w google & phone can misbehave.

    Im getting running out of storage.

    I can't even use camera anymore!

    Pls help

  5. Technical Ashish

    how to make micro SD to internal storage in Android lollipop Blu phone my phone is saying only some of My b is free
    and I can't download more apps it's saying delete some apps so what to then pls help me pls and had a micro SD pls help me¡!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!

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