Android Studio 2D Game #1 – The Game Loop

In this tutorial series I will be showing you how to make a 2D game in Android Studio. This first episode shows you how to implement a simple game loop and by the end of the video you should be printing your FPS to the console.

Thanks for watching!

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All credit for the code in this video goes to Paymon Wang-Lofti, his channel can be found at Note that I am not endorsed or sponsored by Paymon Wang-Lofti. This video has been made for educational purposes and for that reason it is not monetized.

34 Replies to “Android Studio 2D Game #1 – The Game Loop”

  1. Crutz

    Perfect speed for me to learn, you simply show how its done, awesome! Idk why people are bitching around here. Anyways, thank you very much!

  2. JAKE The 3Z1KK

    My biology teacher in highschool was like you. She was throwing all that scientific names to our face without an explaination and expecting us to understand them automaticaly. Then she was ending the class after all her bullshit. And when we asked her what are all these names what they mean what they do, she would get angry at us for being such idiots.

  3. Florian Schmid

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I created my own app after your tutorial and published it on Google PlayStore. It is called Rage of Aliens and I would share the source code with anyone who is interested.

  4. Dead Lands

    Thank you for your effort. Please keep going uploading android tutorials.
    I have just published my own casual game. Do you have any idea how I can get some downloads?

  5. Kevin 27

    if anyone has an error where they cant reopen the app after going to home screen. it because surfaceDestroyed has a while(true) instead of while(retry).

  6. Harry lam

    Maybe next time describe and explain what each of the functions do next time. This is more like copying your code rather understanding and writing it.

  7. Český Hráč

    12:52 why would you ever declare it as short, when it's obvious you're going to add to it? I thought java parses short and byte before adition to an integer, than performs the operation and brings it back to what it was. Am I right?

  8. Deepshika Reddy

    When I run the application I'm getting the below error , please help me fix it .This error occurs and application terminates , but hello world program works just fine.

    Emulator: glTexImage2D: got err pre 🙁 0x502 internal 0x1907 format 0x1907 type 0x8363

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