Android Studio For Beginners Part 1

This video will demonstrate (1) how to setup a project in Android Studio, (2) how to navigate within Android Studio to build a simple Android application, and (3) how to debug and run an Android app.

Here is a link to my entire Android series of videos:

30 Replies to “Android Studio For Beginners Part 1”

  1. Mohammad Nadeem

    Android studio is testing my patience, why don't they make it so that everything downloads at once? I've had to download android studio, then after download then inside it had to download the components, then after that inside my project had to download other stuff too. Then maybe after finishing my project it will download stuff to do that. Maybe when publishing it will need other stuff. Maybe to delete it I'll need to download other stuff

  2. Mahmoud Masri

    thank you so much for such amazing explanation, but when I change the AVD the buttons get mixed up. so is there any way to create a app that won't change the layout?

  3. herman stokbrood

    I appreciate the effort you put in learning other people Android Studio. Thanks for that.

    I'm coming from a rad programming environment and I do notice the, in my eyes, unnecessary coding which has to be done by making even simple tasks like an listener. Why can't the EDI code completion do this. If you need an onclick listener just telling the IDE should be enough by lets say clicking the button. I hope Google will make code completion a lot better in the future. Programmers should care about logic and design not just coding for the sake of it.

  4. Muizz Zafar

    Emulator: emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
    Emulator: Process finished with exit code 1
    why is it showing me this error
    even though I followed the tutorial

  5. Maria Vilyavdo

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for google play consoles to buy, where can i find someone willing to sell? I'm interested in consoles with working apps or games that are older than half a year.

  6. Michael Yen

    I need help. Whenever I try to run it, it says

    11:58 PM Emulator: emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!

    11:58 PM Emulator: Process finished with exit code 1

    Someone tell me what is wrong!

  7. Cobalto

    if you don't type any number, when you press ADD buttom. programs automatically closes. what can i do? so i can leave blank spaces?

  8. izzuddin taib

    i still cant catchup with the debugging. its say my source code is not match with bytecode. i use the latest android studio. i try step over but dont know which one is error.

  9. Mathias

    When I go to drag in the second text box, it wont let me drag to the top, left or right constraints. How can I fix this? Great video

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