Android Studio: Tips and Tricks (Google I/O'19)

Learn how to code like a pro with Android Studio! This session will teach you about some of the powerful features available in Android Studio, while sharing tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it. This talk will appeal to the new programmer, the seasoned developer, and everybody in between. No matter your level, you’ll take away something to help you be more productive and effective with Android Studio.

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Speaker(s): Justin Clareburt, Karen Ng, Ivan Gavrilovic , Diego Perez


22 Replies to “Android Studio: Tips and Tricks (Google I/O'19)”

  1. Co M

    A classic demo of 'blob of mud'. I like the mumbojumbo menuitems.
    Analyze->Infer Annotations, Analyze Dependencies, Analyze Backward Dependencies,Analyze Cyclic Dependencies, Silent Code Cleanup… for god sake.., Anayize Apk, Reload all from Disk, Invalidate Caches.. opps / Restart, I cannot believe anyone can create such an IDE.
    When this monster is up, 'couse I cannot call it running, the fan is 100%.
    Pick 10 github android projects, at random, and try to build them. 100% failure all of them, this think keep grabbing all java encyclopedia and to print finally an error … in Klingon.
    Google serach 'android studio error' -> 347,000,000 hits, Does this abomination has 347,000,000 lines of code ?

  2. Weiyi

    32:39 the way library_versions.gradle manage library versions is cool, but looks like the prompt "a newer version of xxx is available" is not working in this case, how to fix it?

  3. SnoopyDoo

    Nothing like using a bunch of cryptic keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook with a crappy keyboard where many of the keys don't work properly. No thanks, I'm fine with the mouse.

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