Android Sucks 10x More Data Than iPhone — Why?

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If you’re being given free drinks, it’s because somebody wants you drunk. Wait, what?


A week or so ago, a paper was published outlining just how much — and how frequently — Google collects our personal data through devices running Android and Chrome.

It was written by Douglas C. Schmidt, Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, who my colleague, Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central said is, and I quote, “very well-versed in Android”

Here’s what it says… and what it means for all of us.




43 Replies to “Android Sucks 10x More Data Than iPhone — Why?”

  1. Adam Hanrahan

    Google definitely cares about our politics…. Other than that I agree 100%. But that is a huge oversight Rene. Google has been proven time after time to care deeply about our politics and anyone who says otherwise really needs to research it.

  2. V1Gibby

    I just when to setting and turned off camera access to YouTube and then YouTube crashed and reloaded. It was almost as if YouTube was collecting photos and videos from my camera live and when I turned it off it freaked out and went back into default mode. my phone even had a speaker glitch when I turned the camera access off. Weird.

  3. Wybrem

    Man off topic, but you're quickly becoming my favorite Apple Youtuber. You do it really good, though my Philips Hue Go (sync) is going nuts (sometimes) from your background when in full screen, so I watch it normal mode for now. Keep it up :D.

  4. Tony Darcy

    I have been saying this for years. Google is an advertising company. Something like 98% of there revenue comes from advertising. Apple is a hardware company, over 80% of their revenue comes from hardware sales. Google has a clear incentive to know everything about you and Apple does not have that incentive. That is why I will happily use an iPhone instead of an Android phone, despite the fact that Android is clearly much more customisable and I preferred it for years before realising the lengths Google will go to to know more about you. It’s certainly not just Google though, I consider Microsoft and Facebook just as unethical as they have the same objectives and they will continue to do that for as long as we continue to use their free services.

  5. erick hidayat

    I'm not enraged about this video. I am aware with my using of android leads to Google knows me so well … It is unavoidable now in 2019 , we have let Google became strong and provide our need

  6. Russell Mania

    This doesn’t even talk about the permissions that Google Apps require. Google can use your phone to send premium text messages if they wanted to. Some of them are just ridiculas.

  7. Jofkos

    For people looking for an alternative browser: is a good option. The results are usually pretty good, they don't sell your data and they use the money they gain through advertisement to plant trees. And if they really don't have the results you are looking for, you can still open google for that one query. (Doesn't happen too often to me.)

  8. Akks-1

    I'm on Android. One time I was low on battery when I was in Ikea so turned of my wifi, data and GPS so I could save battery and my phone shouldn't know where I at right? Well I got home, charged my phone, turned it on, turned my Wi-Fi off and it still pops up with a notification saying "how was Ikea?" And I had my Wi-Fi, data and location off before I even got near ikea

  9. Jay Thunder

    No one cares but iPhone users justifying their lame phones with the latest version of iConGrid.The lame OS is still the same lame grid since like 2006- I can hardly believe how primitive each time I pick up an iDevice, which isn't often because I don't like to torture myself. Google collects data because their services like Maps actually WORK, and rely on data to make them work. (DUH- you though traffic data just came from magic faeries or something! Apple collects data also. Look it up on here and there's a dozen videos on that too. Android is way better than that lame, stuck in 2006 walled garden.

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