Android Tips 2018!

It has been too long since I’ve done an Android Tips and Tricks video, so here is all the new and hidden tips I have for those that use Android! Battery life, Display tweaks, and settings customizations!
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28 Replies to “Android Tips 2018!”

  1. curious me

    hello there, i have a samsung galaxy A6, i've added a SD card with few specific folders and my questions is, whenever i add any pdf file on my SD card folders …its invisible, but on my file folder (on the phone) its ok and i can see it
    any suggestions?

  2. Janelee Keller

    Elated to hear this Tim ! 🙂
    Now have Nexus 6p, on 8.1.0, so am particularly fond of Android…. It's really refreshing to see tips & tricks of a non proprietary nature that I can use on MY phone !
    Please keep them coming ?.
    I'm looking forward to the Pixel 3XL, praying for the absence of a notch ?!
    Hope you had a Happy Easter ^_^.
    Thanks for the video ??JL

  3. shery varghese

    Hi been a big fan of your work ever since I got my first smartphone back in 2011. Just wanted to know if there was a specific reason you stopped doing unlock and root videos? You used to a lot on pretty much most of the popular phones that was out, just wondering if you are against rooting now? Thanks for all the hard work especially with the phone reviews helps me out every year.

  4. 충분결코

    Turning off wifi to save battery is false. Because when it's off, then it'll constantly be searching for signal/using signal. Keeping wifi on will have better battery life.

  5. Muphet

    eclair because it's sweetest of them all. j/k
    also make video how to switch from iPhone to Android – thats very popular question on various reddits

  6. korysh cwe

    the reason i have subscribed to you was your geeky look at things. I'd like to see some more tips or review of custom things like viper4android or ogyoutube

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