Android Tips – USB Type C Android Accessories – DIY in 5 Ep 63

We’ll show you some of the handiest USB Type C accessories.

You can get a pack of little microUSB to USB-C adapters on Amazon for about $10. This will save you from having to buy a whole new cable in some cases. If one day new Android phones no longer have headphone jacks then one of the big benefits to Android phones is having the ability to use microSDs as added storage.

However, it is possible to use USB flash drives too like the Kingston DT MicroDuo C3. Learn more here: The MicroDuo C3 has USB-C on one side and USB-A on the other side, a feature which is very useful if you want to swap files between your PC and your phone.

There’s a pretty good chance charging your phone using the USB-C port with your battery bank will charge it faster than using the other ports, so make sure you have a USB-C cable for your power bank. There are new wireless charging receivers available on Amazon for under $20. They have numerous options that support all the major wireless charging standards so just pick the one you need and make sure it has decent ratings. You can learn more about wireless charging here:

If you use a GoPro or drone we have a microSD reader that slides right into your USB-C port. Its super convenient if you want to upload any of your footage directly to social media without having to take it home to offload it first. This reader fits right into your camera or drone case so you can always keep it handy. Learn more here (not available in the US):

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49 Replies to “Android Tips – USB Type C Android Accessories – DIY in 5 Ep 63”

  1. Kelvin Wilson

    Is their an adaptor that would directly connect to my Umidigi One Pro, that would allow me to connect my magnetic charging cable to charge, while allowing access for my memory cards or USB sticks to be read or played from?

  2. Kithanalane

    The right way to get rid of the phone jack is to market wireless headphone and ear buds make them affordable, dependable and accessible then when no one uses the jack anymore you get rid of it.

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