Android Tricks & Tips Hacks 2018 – Hidden Android Tricks You Should Try in 2018

8 Amazing Android TIPS and TRICKS You Should Try in 2018

There are a number of options and hidden menus within Android that provide users more control over their device. With this control, you can better manage how your phone operates. I have come up with a list of some amazing Pro tips for Android, when used, will slowly put you on a path to becoming an Android power user.

[Pro Tips & Tricks]

• Make Use of Google LensImprove
• Finger Print accuracy
• Do More with The Help of Notification Badges
• Smart Text Selection
• Autofill Your Details
• Snooze Notifications
• Select Text more precisely
• Lock Landscape Mode

[Tips And Tricks Videos]

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Video Editing – Adobe Premier Pro
Photo Editing – Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom
Animation – Adobe After Effects
Audio – Adobe Audition

41 Replies to “Android Tricks & Tips Hacks 2018 – Hidden Android Tricks You Should Try in 2018”

  1. technology expert

    Hello sir a I am your fan but one problem please get a video about twrp no root I am see one video about twrp but this video for root user please upload one video about twrp no root.

  2. iwiko106

    omg i realy like your videos and i subscribed because i find them very usefull, but i now unsubscribe since i cant hear your voice anymore. i get earcancer if i listen to one more video from you….

  3. Godwin Udoh

    This is a very interesting video.Tho I still use a kitkat powered device (yea, I know…old school), I really know about the latest Android os, thanks to YouTube.
    I noticed you didn't mention the picture-in-picture mode. Isn't that like a big thing on Oreo?Plus, I think you should make a seperate video on Android P (dunno if you already have). Android P is a whole other "dope" level of Android os.
    Anyways, I'm a fan of Android and I'm a fan of tech…And your channel does both, so I'm a fan of you.??

  4. Nagaraj Kyatari

    Bro I'm using stock Android 7.1.2 on 10 or E …,in the settings >Data usage> app network access. Here we can restrict data for particular app.
    This setting was available only available in i phones. ..many people don't know this , try to tell this in your videos .., mention my name ?.

  5. Viswanath TV

    Xtream Droid I couldn't find any custom recovery for my device by googling it… My device is Lenovo a6600d40…. Can you help me ? I have tried one click root methods but they are not working .

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