Android TV 6.0 overview with tips and tricks on Philips 55POS9002 TV

In this video I demonstrate Android TV 6.0 menus and features on Philips 55POS9002 UHD OLED TV. I show menus, apps, connection with Bluetooth devices, Philips myRemote app, etc.

Video from the same series about LG’s webOS 3.5:

Calibration settings (SDR, general) for Philips 55POS9002:

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27 Replies to “Android TV 6.0 overview with tips and tricks on Philips 55POS9002 TV”

  1. Pablo Arnaldi

    Anybody figured out how to reproduce external video so it won't skip frames? I already tried Kodi, VLC…it gets much better, but still skipping frames from time to time. Any particular configuration option to tweak may be? Thanks!

  2. Nail efe İnce

    49 inç Philips Android televizyon aldım. Servis gelip kurdu ve servis gittikten sonra telefonumdaki görüntüyü televizyona aktaramadım. Uğraştım yapamadım Vatan bilgisayarda iade almadılar servis gönderdiler. Servis de yapamadı. Sonra dükkanlarına götürdüler.

    Yazılım manyağı yaptılar televizyonu. Zor bela tanıttılar ama televizyon serviste yine tanımakta zorlandı. Bir tanıyıp bir tanımadı telefonu. Şimdi 2 günlük Android televizyonum servis yolculuğu başladı. Telefonum komşunun L**marka televizyonu hemen tanıyor hem de programsız. Aynı marka arkadaşımda da var onun televizyonunu tanıyor gel gör ki benim televizyonda sorun var tanımıyor. Vatan Bilgisayar kabul etmedi. Bence televizyonda Android almayın kesinlikle.

    Yazılımla donanım arasında sorun çıkmakta. İlk elden bana yanlış yaptı Philips bakalım iademi alırlar yoksa televizyon gezdirip gelirler mi? Soğudum televizyondan. Kumandası da çok ağır. Bin pişmanım Vatan bilgisayardaki satıcının gazına geldim. Eğer İnternetten alın ki iade etme olasılığınız yüksek. Vatan 2 günlük televizyonu tövbe billah kabul etmedi. Sanki başka yerden almışım. Philips ütü yapsın. Evde Philips süpürge makinesi var fakat kulp yapmayı unutmuşlar. Süpürge makinesinin mühendisi erkek sanırsam. Philips Android televizyondan şikayetçiyim.

  3. Andrea Denti

    Owning a Philips OLED that developed an issue (colour tint in the center of display not image retention) in which Philips support won't give an explanation..After been asked to send pics then videos then pics again in a span of two month they didn't even bother to respond.
    I payed 3000 pounds for the set and this horrendous servive
    Do yourself a favour stay well away from Philips Tv.
    It's a disgrace the manner in which Philips support is treating their costumers.

  4. A Gkr

    Hello Darko.I bought a Philips 55POS9002/12 couple days ago.About 5 minutes later I turn on the TV, picture regularly slides from left to right, from right to left or from top to bottom when i watch tv or netflix.Even when i am on setup screen. So this makes a gap between the picture and the frame and one frame looks thicker than the others.I called Phillps and i have been told this is normal and it is to prevent burn in images. It sounds really stupid. Is there anyone facing the same problem ? Should I return the TV ?Thanks.

  5. Lars Alexandersson

    Pozdrav! Imam philips android tv i sve opcije za bluetooth su jednostavno nestale, nema ih nigdje! Tv sigurno ima bluetooth jer sam već uparivao uređaje. Ne znam dali je to greška zbog nadograđivanja androida.. Help?

  6. Stefan Genov

    Hello sir that's a great video I have a question to you and thinking to buy 50-in pu6162 model does it got a Bluetooth thank you very much in advance

  7. Altromondo Rimini

    Pošto mi tv radio sporo, blokirao…zaustavio sam i neke sistemske aplikacije. TV je radio mnogo brže i bez blokiranja dok se nije pravio restart. Android više ne startuje. Može li se ikako rješiti ili treba reinstall. Hvala vam puno

  8. Sreeram Reddy Kotha

    Dear Mr. Darco, thank you for the nice video. I have the same TV 55POS9002/12 with Android 7.0 following recent February update. I absolutely cannot connect any Bluetooth headset to this TV: neither my Bose Soundlink Mini nor my JBL E50 BT. You seemed to have no problem. Can you advice me please?

  9. Johnnny Johnnnic

    Darko, I'm sorry for complicating, but my friend bought Sony 43w755c android tv two years ago and had and has problems with it and a cousin bought Philips 55pus7502 recently android tv and has problems after updating so if you could please do a review of Sony 43WF665 as i asked you in the first place never mind it is 1080p and that it has 2 hdmi inputs as long it is not android tv. Once again i'm sorry for complicating.

  10. Johnnny Johnnnic

    Darko, i asked you if you could do a review of Sony 43WF665 but that tv is 1080p and has only 2 hdmi ports so I would ask you now please if you could do a review of Philips 43PUS7303 because it has 4k ultra hd resolution and has P5 picture processor and VA panel according to display specifications and is equaly or even lover priced than that Sony

  11. Dumitru Daniel

    + TV Calibration with Darko , Thank you Darko for this review. Can you share share a video of you going through the program list and how long does it take to switch them?

  12. ThePaulifra

    Hello Darko, sinds yesterday 15-01-2018 i get an error message every 15 minutes about : Unfortunately Top Picks has stopped and i have to click the oke button on the remote to let disappear the error. If i press Top Picks button on the remote i get the message : There are no Top Picks suggestions available try again later.
    How do i get rid of the error message every 15 minutes, any idea

  13. Andro

    Svaki klip I film od 24hz mi koči ili kako bi se reklo na engleskom stuttering. Imaš li ti takav problem? Gledao sam dosta o čemu se radi i kažu da je zato što Android sistem ne podržava promjene refresh rate. Prije je bio zaključan na 60hz a sad na novi update je na 50 iz nekog razloga.. Ne znam sta da radim stvarno imam 6501pus ali svi se žale što imaju philips i Android tv

  14. Jim bo

    Yoo can u help met out please?! Should I get LG 55C7V or this one?? I saw the reflections on this one from lamps and stuff is nicer to look at than LG, how does android compare to webos??

  15. Uday Kumar

    I have very bad experience with this tv. I bought it recently and i found that it has problem in detecting any bluetooth devices(phone,headphone,speakers) and even cannot mirror with any laptop or iphone.Even can not install adobe flash player so we could not see any videos which needs flash player. I paid 2500 euro for this tv and still have to face this problem. I cannot believe the android tv has very less number of application to use and all those bullshit applications which is of no use. I am going to return it back and buy other smart tv. 🙁

  16. Gamer ez

    Android sučelje jeftino izgleda bzv…. usporavanje / štekanje.. samo blokira nepotrebno Tv. Sony odustani više od toga jeftinog androida..!

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