2 Replies to “Android Visual Voicemail vs Apple”

  1. hturt4

    Wrong! Have you ever used iPhone's native, integrated visual voicemail? Probably not because your comment (that iPhone's visual voicemail "ruins it" and "freezes up the screen") is woefully wrong and sounds like a ridiculous, unsubstantiated Android sheep rumor that you all tell yourselves to justify your iPhone hatred. In reality, iPhone's visual voicemail easy to use, has great functionality, and works flawlessly. Third party visual voicemail apps, that try to copy iPhone's app, aren't necessary for iPhone because iPhone's native app blows then all away. You need to learn what you're talking about before making stupid, ridiculous, misguided videos like this. iPhone and birth have wonderful pros and some annoying cons, but this video is just blind iPhone hate nonsense.

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