android vs apple for wireless refrigerant gauges

i had a ton of problems with the android based tablet. apple is a lot better for wireless refrigerant gauges.

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  1. zeke112964

    So is the I-connect and Smart Tool based on the technology of Apple system (IOS)……Like the I-phone…rather than android based like the Samsung phones…Which I could understand it working better with the system that it's based on…that makes sense to me….that it would work better with the apple operating system over the android

  2. Nase ASE

    Hey Steve. Get yourself an otter box. To protect that thin device. I know I have an iPad , along with tons of automotive tools love the otterbox for good screen protection in the field !

  3. ducklandwikeno

    I own a apple 3gs I bought new from ebay this year for 129 dollars . I love it but if you want apps you need to download it to iTunes from your computer and then download it from cloud . it works for most apps from apple

  4. Roger Smith

    Android is not your problem your tablet is your problem . Android os works across lots of different hardware . Apple hardware is fixed per device and is all the same . The people that write the apps don't test them properly on different android hardware. If the app works for one Ipad3 it works for all same hardware! It's like if you only worked on 2005 Goodman heat pumps you would be an expert . does that make you a better tech than someone who works on all brands. ?
    .Let's put the blame where it belongs the app developers.

  5. kujawat

    The biggest problem with Apple products is the company itself and the "Eco-system" you are stuck in by using them.. Apple computer is about as far from american as any company on the face of the planet.. by buying and supporting them you are supporting the end of freedom as we know/once knew it… you might as well go burn american flags in VFW halls.. and take a dump in grandmas apple pie… I've been in the tech business for almost 30 years.. i don't deny some of their hardware is nice.. WAY OVERPRICED, but nice.. software.. good and bad.. good being it's BSD based and works.. bad is that it's chocked full of security holes and backdoors INTENTIONALLY put in place to circumvent any attempt of a user to be truly secure.. via encryption or otherwise.. it's well documented, but MSM and the globalists agenda keep the chatter level fairly low.. and the average sheep doesn't even give it a thought… it's not the platform, it's the developers who make your experience better when you use an apple product for HVAC or other "proprietary" type uses.. it's because there more time and money spent on development of the apple apps.. the companies assume you will buy whatever they recommend so they aren't forced to create well written apps for android… not to mention the govt want's everyone on apple products.. there's a reason why the encryption algorithms built into IOS were co-developed in a program full of NSA engineers.. and it's not for YOUR security.. if the users will demand better android products (by not buying the apple based ones) you will get them.. apple computer is anti-freedom.. which makes it anti-american… they will never get a dime of my money.. it's a shame no one "votes" with the wallets anymore.. having integrity and standing up for principles is long since been lost.. it's a damn shame..

  6. Jeremy Calvin

    Mama always said a apple a day keeps the doctor away. She never spoke of a flippin "android". See how much verizon will credit the android phone & tablet back for versus an iPad & iPhone.

  7. nate

    you know i aint in love with this high tech equipment yet,, i dont feel its been tested long enough and i do not feel its accuracy has been tested and proven accurate.. this high tech equipment, but i do see its advantages.. but heres my take,, the i connect ought to be sold with its own dedicated tablet, with the proprietary software/app that runs all of the iconnect and probe stuff.. folks are always gonna have problems connecting because of various reasons with their own tablet or ipad.. hell as expensive as that equipment is,, folks who can buy it can afford a few hundred more to have the dedicated tablet from the iconnect folks to use with the equipment.. why would anyone have a need to do anything else with their tablet while they are using the iconnect .. the shit should come as a complete package pad or tablet included with the equipment.

    case in point,,, my work computer, the computer i use to design, draw, calculate loads, stresses etc etc on buildings, mechanicals and electrical is used solely for that purpose,,,, no problems that way.. i dont use that computer for nothing else than those programs,, it is an "enterprise" or buisness edition computer,, nit the flimsy light shit you buy at the big box electronic store, but built and made and designed for the applications i use it for.

    when i want to ass around or use a computer for like browsing the net, other stuff etc,, i use a different computer,, i do not want the problems of something crashing that i work with… i went to this philosophy and equipment about 8 years ago, bit the bullet bought the work business pc ,, and i have never looked back,, now i never have issues with freezes, not connecting to peripherals, lost files, or any of the bullshit… so i stand by my suggestion that the high tech i connect manifold stuff should be sold ONLY with its own tablet,, with only the app/software needed for the sole purpose of anything related to the iconnect system in its entirety.. to me it is sort of bullshit that the folks would sell this equipment with out providing its own tablet,, just for the reasons you have stated in this video.. think haow much time you have wasted, and aggravation making this shit work… when you put the dollar figure on your time, it is I guarantee more money than what the dedicated tablket from the iconnect folks would have have to upcharge for it being included.. and,, to me its a marketing and engineering fuck up on the part of the icoonect folks not including the tablet in its package.. it really shows lack of forethought in their product and buisness model.. which knocks them way down the line in my book,, if i offer a product, ( which are buildings) in my case, it is my responsibility to make sure all the components work,, even with the smart technology today.. There must be dedicated and separate systems in this electronic or digital world.. now they have to communicate with each other,, but the hardware has to be sole purpose…

    now this is getting long winded i know,, but i want to point about one more thing,, i got top notch expensive building design, structural design, mechanical and piping layering ,, cad, three dimensional design software on very expensive equipment… but…

    when i really got to get down to the line and get something designed exactly down to the "T".. I break out my drawing board, t-square, triangle, parrallel arm, protractors, compasses, scales, and leadlock pencils ,, and do it the old fashioned manual way… its the only way to I know get it right.. especially for tedious shit..

    but good luck with the iconnect,, if you think back,, i told ya,, i thought that stuff was gonna be trouble,,, the technology is just to new in this application,, its not tested enough, and obviously,, the shit just dont work out of the box with folks own equipment…

    ok, i will shut the F up now..

    thumbs up,, great video.

  8. Roy D

    Hey Steve, A good honest revue and great information for anyone who was thinking of buying an android. Don't shoot the Android though. I'm sure you'll get more satisfaction selling it on Ebay and getting a few bucks back into your pocket.

  9. mitchellpurelife

    Thanks Steve. This info is very useful, especially for a buddy of mine who has been considering setting up with the system. I've never been a Mac man, and I like my droid for talk, text & email, but I always keep a iPad around for running certain applications. Apple is a reliable work horse, they have always had their act together with quality and stability.

  10. Sawashi32

    I've been an Apple fan since day one. Never had a problem with Apple and I still have my four year old iPhone 4 that works just as flawless as the day I got it.

  11. Hvac_jc

    Apple all the way, Steve!!! I had android cell before(5 yrs ago) I hate so much that make me throw it to the floor. I am an Apple guy since then never go back. NO WAY!!! LOL Apple laptop, cell, iPad and so on. So easy to play wit it then we just get an iPad Air to my 70yrs old momma. Apple Thumps Up!!!

  12. Bernard Sobbe

    All the smart tools are to smart for me,I also have a tablet thru Verizon for$10.00 a month for about 1.5 years 2 months ago everything went Chinese not English I'm done with Verizon .I have been wth verizon for over 15 years in June 2016 all of my phone contracts expire. I'm moving to ATT. As far as I Connect I cant justify the cost. Next year it will be something newer and better it never ends. Great Vlog Steve

  13. johnmiller102

    Thanks for the video Steve. I guess I wont be getting the imanifold or sporlan smart tool.  I'm an Apple hater.  I don't like the way they make their stuff so proprietary.  It doesn't work well with non apple technology.  That is probably why you were having issues connecting to the android tablet.  Sporlan and Imanifold made their equipment to work with the more common electronic devices people have.  Most people love apple and I can understand it but I guess I just rebel against the way they make their technology so that it doesn't work well with others.  Its probably their way of insuring people will buy their stuff exclusively.

  14. Tony McNeely

    OK here is the nerdy side of me…Apple…aka..MAC..makes sure their stuff works before sending it out. And even they f up sometimes Their OS (operating system) is unix based….a VERY stable OS= Android AKA Google while yet an awesome software company is still in their infant stages… (linux based…which equals you and I trying to cook or write computer code…same thing different recipe)!Google just ain't got the the whole os thing down to pat yet. Not kicking either one. Google is coming on strong!!!Shit enough babbling go with Apple right now…although Google is sneaking up fast..therefore your i manifold works better with the iPad.

  15. Jim D

    I used to be like you, I was never an Apple guy. When I decided to upgrade to a smart phone I chose the iPhone over android. I liked it so much I bought an iPad. I was going to keep my PC but I kept having problems with windows so I bought a mac book. I don't think I'll ever go back to windows. You'll like the apple products and not just for connecting to your gauges.

  16. PHC Apprentice

    steve im glad you posted this. I have issues with my Android phone (galaxy s5) losing probes from time to time, some times freezing the pressures. I always thought the sensor crapped out. for next season I will pick up a tablet from Apple tablet just for the iconnect. I use android as it works good with google which alot of my software works with. lots of my software doesnt work on Mac so its all windows based.

    good video

  17. Galfonz

    Android stuff varies widely in quality. I've had an iPad 2 since it first came out and haven't had any problems. I know people who have android and love them. I also know a guy with an android which is very unreliable. Both are the same brand but different models.

    I advise people who don't have time to do a lot of research to stick with Apple's stuff.

  18. Mike Jones

    Hey Steve great video and thanks for sharing your experiences. I dont know if you tried to update the firmware/software of the android tablet? I had issues with my android phone and tablet once, not with the i connect like you, but once I did that all issues went away. My job just changed over to apple and there is some getting used to.

  19. sadhvacman

    I agree, Steve. I bought a Samsung Tab just to use with the smart tool. Before I bought it, for a few days I was using my son's iPad mini with the smart tool. The smart tool worked much better with the ipad. The Samsung tab works ok, but the bluetooth low energy on the android platform does seem to be much weaker than with the Ipad. I make it work but the sensors will just drop out randomly for no apparent reason, with the Samsung. Maybe ipad users have the same problem with the smart tool, I don't know.

  20. The Great Jelly Doughnut

    That sounds like a software problem i would imagine it was original software was written for IOS and later ported to android OS and somewhere along the way there were some coding issues that there not fessing up to. i would be willing to say there is no hardware problem with you tablet it's a problem in the software they wrote for it.

    enjoyed the rant going to just keep rocking the analog gauges

  21. Ryan Losinger

    iPhones have some of the best onscreen keyboards. You will like them. I would suggest getting the iPhone 6+, at least 64GB. It has the larger screen, therefore larger keyboard. I would also highly recommend getting the Lifeproof Case. It is shock proof, dust proof, and waterproof. Everything a HVAC, Plumbing, and Oil tech needs!

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