Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS
Which one is the best.

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Android vs iOS-
Both of these have some pro and cons right but ultimately it helps the consumers to make a choice of what they want. iOS does take a lead due important aspects like security patching and updates but then again if you have a android phone from a company who patches their devices immediately then you are covered there.
Where devices running iOS are bit higher on its price iPhone ain’t cheep. the Android flagship phones are cheaper to the price but are premium to the build and quality.

As stated by Glyn Williams over at quora why Android takes up so much RAM

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  1. xxBXTxx

    android is better than ios no doubt. iOS is so far behind and for the price its not worth it. isheep should just accept it that there losing

  2. Subhajit M

    The references could have been added in a better way than putting it on your face. Phones running Froyo/Donut isn't a miss of Android/Google, if the OEM stopped updating their devices and people are still happy with outdated OS it's their choice. Apple is only maintaining their own devices which makes it easier for them to roll out updates. Google updates it's own (read as Nexus) devices, as and when they have security updates or OS level updates, yes OTA updates are sporadic but OEMs should keep their devices updated. So this point made no sense. And what was that 'cheap-cheap' moment? What has making a phone customizable to do with bloatware? Too much MKBHD influence, peace.

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