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  1. Sandro Rayis

    You said many things here that are not true. This video was really long when you could've explained it in 5 min or less. Let me tell you my opinion. I have a Mac pro, macbook, for final cut to edit videos and music apple TV for mirror function only 2 Ipads one running really slow lately because of so many ios updates Believe me I waited in line for iPhone's iPhone 5 was my last iPhone my first and second phones were HTC androids really slow after that Samsung ever since Note2 which every one use to make fun of me carrying a large screen phone and Steve jobs said the iPhone was small so it can fit your hand that was a lie every one copied Samsung with big phones including apple don't worry I didn't miss anything from iOS since I have my iPads all same IOS never changed you are in prison you have to jailbreak it to customize im sorry but I still didn't tell you about my Microsoft windows experience compared to apple computers what you can and cant do you know what I mean? Not every android is the same when it comes to security and performance it's more like a open customizable world that you have to know what your doing to take advantage of it. I could go on and on here all I know we are in 2019 and apple is not doing well they cancelled a charging mat that they promised for 2 years or the services they will offer in 2019 and the bad butterfly keyboards for the laptops. My mobile has to be anything but iPhone because I'm not missing anything except the beautiful icons that I have to live with out. And this samsung S10plus that I'm using now is hands down better than a iPhone you don't believe me? Do some research before you upgrade Apple is not setting the standards like it use to. No headphone Jack no SD card no fast charger when you pay over a 1000 for a phone. And I don't care what color iPhone owners see my text color.?

  2. Guy-Robert Kernisant

    No one should believe in the security provided by their mobile platform or app store. In the end all mobile devices and computers communicate with online databases where our personal data is stored and no longer under the protection of Saint iOS or Saint Android. Cyber security is barely handled by the tech giants that get hacked all the time. So imagine smaller companies that don't even know their databases are compromised where lazy users from both iOS and Android are using the same email and password to create profiles. So basically poorly secured websites allows hackers to grab information on bigger websites where users are sharing the same login credentials…

  3. Guy-Robert Kernisant

    Messaging is broken on all platforms: iMessage is nice but it's a non swappable app and most people instead of sharing links to media they blow up other people's storage because of the convenience of staying within one app. The sharing quality is as broken both ways as I often receive thumbnails from iOS users to my Android phone and they received compressed MMS from mine.
    On Android the default messaging app can be swapped by the OEMs that wants to differentiate their UX and UI, the phone carrier who wasn't in a hurry to provide solutions to bypass their SMS plans that were profitable and finally the end user himself can choose a plethora of apps that he can set as his default.

  4. Clint Gibbs

    I’m fairly neutral, as I use both. But my suggestion is to try a Pixel before you give up on android. I personally would never use any other Android phone. Many of the issues you mention would not be an issue on a Pixel. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Crepuscopoli

    Im getting panic attack since i bought my first iphone 7. Could be the ios system give me a bad sensation? When i have an android in use i feel more free

  6. Ray Jones

    It's all about marketing and $$$$ Money.

    I watched and listened to you complain about the video issue(s) and wondered to myself 'why isn't he using a Go-Pro instead of a phone to do his filming?' Sure, it's pricey, but so many people use them for making their YouTube videos and seem to love them. Just wondering.

    BTW, I love your screen setup on your desk. They appear to be curved screens – are they? Nice setup for sure!

  7. chad billy

    This video is too oneside you never even touched on the pros of Android and also judged Android a bit unfairly. Samsung phones don't reflect all android devices. Samsung phones are definitely more buggy and slower compared to other Android phones and that's why when switched from my Samsung Galaxy s3 to a Nexus 5 i never used another Samsung phone again. Pixel phones and android one devices do receive software updates for 2-3 years. Also I do agree that Google could do a better job of curating apps on the playstore but you never even highlight the benefits to Google's more relaxed vetting process,and the downsides to apples stricter vetting process you pretty must just say that apples appstore is better and leave it at that.then you talk about how google collects user data but you never mention how this also benefits the consumer since it allows Google to provide better services and free services to everyone.that the reason Google assistant has things like duplex and call screening and siri has nothing similar.you also say that google doesn't care about the consumer but neither does apple they just have a different business model but they don't care either all companies care about is making money that's why when google payed apple billions of dollars to keep google as the default search engine apple took the deal.this video was not really as in depth as you make it out to be I thought you would go more in depth with the pros and cons of android and ios and give solid example to backup what you say.instead you just rehash the same talking points that are in favor of ios in a little bit greater detail and ignore everything else.

  8. odayta

    Glenn, thank you for your candid and articulate views. So Apple is arrogant. Get over it. Their products work flawlessly. They are light years ahead of any, repeat, any of their competitors. I own everything they make. Why? I love their products. They work. Even the packaging puts competitors to shame. I retired from IBM as a systems engineer and for many years IBM was considered arrogant. At that time our sales were 6 billion! They changed over time as per customer dictates. It is still one of the giants in the industry. While working with them, I learned in spades that things have got to work and work right for customers to accept your offerings. The view only changes for the lead dog. Good companies thrive. Buy Apple stock now.

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