Android Vs iOS Apps Side by Side Comparison

Armando shows us how Android apps differ from iOS. He also explains how Android apps have many more features compared to the iOS version.

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32 Replies to “Android Vs iOS Apps Side by Side Comparison”

  1. Peizxcv

    How interesting. And I am just thinking of doing a video on my own to demonstrate why Android apps are inferior. I have a iPhone 5 and Note 3 in front of me and so far, I have already noticed The Weather Channel, TVGuide, Fidelity, Groupon and eHarmony app on Android are slightly to substantially behind their iOS version. I cannot find Steep & Cheap and Coffee Meets Bagel for Android so if you are urban and the outdoorsy you are out of luck.

    I tried 7 months ago with a G2 and couldn't stand the poor app support and doesn't look like Android made any improvement.

  2. Matthew K

    This guy is lying and is clearly biased. If he picked up the iPhone when it was on the monocle map screen, it would have give him the same camera view as on the Android with a back button. That's why the camera shutter came up (8:53, the camera turned on). And again, when he called the number, pushing the home button twice and tapping Yelp would have brought him back to the same spot. His opinion is to subjective for his love of Android for him to review anything. After owning multiple iOS and Android devices, I can tell you that the app experience on any iOS is far greater than on any Android. Most apps are design for the iPhone specifically.   

  3. Nicholas Wilson

    Sadly this is a very biased comparison which is using apps that have advantages on android compared to iOS.
    Consider the fact that android users use pocket to store sites to read later, iOS users could just click add to reading list and can visit that site offline later without need for a 3rd party service.

    You can't directly compare the same apps on android and iOS but instead compare the best in their category. For example compare the best note taking service for both instead of just picking evernote.
    If you do this, you will find that in terms of apps, iOS has just as capable apps as android plus more if you jailbreak.

  4. Hoppimike

    You seem to be overlooking things like the consistent layout advantage on iOS or the fact you can just bookmark a site without Pocket?

    Interesting to see them like this though 🙂

  5. mrchibimaru

    OK apple geniuses, tell me how you can do the following things on IOS (all of which I believe can easily be done on android through simple apps):

    1) download movies using torrent apps straight to your apple device without having to use itunes or convert the movie file to a format accepted by apple?
    2) download mp3s straight to your device without having to sync through itunes?
    3) easily find a file that you have downloaded (or any other file on your phone for that matter) using a native app (ie without having to store it in your email or email the file to yourself?)
    4) play emulator games (nes, snes, n64, etc) on an apple device?

    by the way, none of these comparison videos mention the most annoying app/piece of software ever created – iTunes itself!!! android gives the capability to simply plug in your device to usb and then drag and drop files to your device.

  6. Nark Clarker

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  7. jpa202

    He just picket out those apps that are better optimized for android if you really want to compare you have to take popular apps like facebook, twitter, flipboard, instagram and so on

  8. Anthony LaManna

    im just glad to help, and I have used the htc one and the Samsung galaxy s4. I have not used the Sony experia though. the gs4 is my daily driver. but don't get me wrong the htc one is a great phone, the gs4 just suits my needs better.

  9. Mark Mourad

    hey man thnx 4 answering whether u were armando or not i really thank u 😀 but i have a question did u try them both side by side or did u depend on the youtube reviews? 😀

  10. Anthony LaManna

    well im not Armando but in my opinion, the s4 has the best camera overall but the HTC one takes better pictures in lowlight because of the the ultrapixel. as in speed there all fast and you wont really see the a big difference but the s4 does have a better processor. for the screen there all 1080p displays, but I od believe the htc one has a better pixel density

  11. Mark Mourad

    hey Armando which do u think is better samsung galaxy s4(octa),HTC one or xperia z in terms of camera,screan and speed plz i need an honest answer

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