Android Vs iOS **Bonus FAQ Edition**

FAQ Session from Android VS iOS Series.

1. What was the security app you used on Android? Cerberus
2. How did you send the webpage from your browser to your phone? Chrome to Phone
3. What app did you use for the pull down notification power buttons? Widgetsoid
4. What screen protector did you use? Zagg, and I took it off because it sucked!

If you haven’t seen Part 1 please see it first. An in depth video series on how things are much easier to do on Android compared to the iPhone or iPad. Please subscribe to my channel if you like what you see.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 4:
Part 5:

**BONUS FAQ Video**

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40 Replies to “Android Vs iOS **Bonus FAQ Edition**”

  1. Kenneth Plas

    i am a long time apple user (jailbroken ofc) and i realy liked your videos.
    It would be even nicer if you would put some banners in place where nowadays with the new ios 9 update, some things are possible that u mentioned where not.
    That being said, it's a pain to stay stable jailbroken and without it i would never use an iphone, even considering to try an android now!

    Thanx so much

  2. Petros Adamopoulos

    I don't think i heard you mention the fact that Apple forces developers to buy a mac if they want to develop for iOS and that the fee is about $100 yearly there, instead of $20 lifetime for Google play.
    As a developer, to me this alone is more than enough said.
    So, yes they control the hardware as well as the software and would like to control you and your wallet. Bums.

  3. jakeinator21

    I much prefer the touchwiz interface to stock android. So many cool little features. The problem with it is the bloatware, not the interface. If you root and have an optimized version of touchwiz it's lightning fast.

  4. Sim Lash

    I like ES Explorer much more, and I agree on the fragmentation issue. No one mentions it on Windows, so why bother talking about it on Android? Windows Phone 7 phones can't get WP8 and iphone 3GS can't use some iOS 6 features. It's all the same.

  5. Unadulterated Mischief

    In defense, Samsung's touch wiz feature is the reason why the Galaxy has recently dethrone the iphone in terms of simplicity.
    The good news is that based on Google's AOSP terms & condition can eventually implement some of good things about touch wiz and make it native in Android.
    For me, I choose the buttery smoothness of the Nexus's OS over gimmicky features of manufacturer (Cloned) Androids.

  6. Paul Sitthipo

    I just finished watching all 6 videos, but you forgot to compare the biggest point and the biggest advantage iOS has over Android, which iCloud synchronization and backup for all of yours and your family's iOS accounts. Also I would like to learn more about Androids compatibility with Mac ecosystem, because I'm really considering moving to Android but am worried about not being able to connect with my family or having syncing problems with my Mac.

  7. Srikanth NKS

    I own htc one s, is it necessary to root my mobile in order to theme it like a boss??? I like the way you theme your nexus I just want the same look as of yours as I bored with the current Htc sense UI.

  8. Deathtonoobs24

    Well for starters see if you have JellyBean if you dont check for an update. You can also root your phone and put CyanogenMod 10.1 on it I hear it is extremely fast and this isnt for the faint of heart but you can overclock your android processor.

  9. Zirconius

    you'll need to spend a bit more for good gaming experiences on either device, android has more games, but you'll need at least a $200 tablet like the nexus 7, (not sure bout phones), but with ios, everything is much more expensive, and you get about the same results

  10. iMaKeUsHoOk

    I agree, I'm an Android fanatic, but I bought an iPad 3 just for the variety of games it offered. I love the games I got from the Play store, but there is so much more in the App store.

  11. Yoda on DMT

    The fragmentation issue is simply due to the speed that Android develops.

    People queue overnight to get an iPhone when it's really only marginally better than the last one. There's nothing stopping people from buying the best Android phone as soon as it comes out.

    If you're on an old Android phone like I am (for the next few hours) you either accept you're on an old device, or root (like I did…Desire HD running Jellybean). If you're on an old device it doesn't matter, it's out of warranty.

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